Street Child Liberia Inaugurates Six Classroom Building in Grand Cape Mount County

Newly constructed school building by Street Child Liberia in Garwulu district, Grand Cape Mount Couunty.

By Tina S. Mehnpaine

Scores of school children in Imam Tunis Town, Garwula District, Grand Cape Mount County, have reasons to jubilate as Street Child of Liberia (SCOL) has erected a six-classroom building to address the educational need of residents within that part of the country.

The building also contains two administrative offices, three latrines (toilets), and a hand-pump for the school and residents of the town

The building will accommodate at least 500 children in Imam Tunis and its surrounding towns for the 2020/21 academic year.

With funding from Street Child-UK under the ‘Fly and Help’ Project, SCOL was able to construct a modern school building to relieve the students of the stress of walking a long distance to acquire education.

Felecia Doe Somah, Assistant Minister for Secondary Education and Head of the Ministry of Education (MOE) ‘Teaching by Radio’ Program, encouraged the people of Imam Tunis Town to take full responsibility for the institution, noting that the school will help to educate thousands of children in the county.

She stressed the need for women and girls to take advantage of the opportunity and not to engage in early marriage but see the school as an upliftment for their town that will produce more reputable people.

She promised that the government will provide qualified teachers that will mold the minds of the children.

Andrew G. Tehmeh, SCOL Country Director, also motivated the residents of Imam Tunis Town and its surrounding areas to take full ownership of the school to ensure at all times that the campus is clean and healthy for the children.

He thanked the project donor, ‘Fly and Help’ for the timely intervention which according to him has closed the gap for children acquiring quality education covering several miles.


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