Street Child Commits Support to Ebola Orphans


Street Child of Liberia, a child advocacy group, has disclosed plans to provide support for Ebola affected children throughout the country.

The support will ensure that they are properly cared for to help them leave their bitter experiences behind, according to program director Michael John Bull.

Speaking yesterday during an honoring program for Mr. Bull, held at its headquarters in Monrovia, he explained that his organization is aimed at targeting orphans and other children who are in need of support.
Mr. Bull, who was honored as Anti-Ebola Ambassador, said “We are working and believe that by the end of 2015, Street Child will cover a bigger portion of Liberia in providing social services, particularly for vulnerable children and other children, including adults as well.”

He emphasized that Street Child will continue to give a dignified life to vulnerable Liberian children, including their families and caregivers, adding that their future must be the concern of Liberian leaders as Liberia rebuilds all spheres of life.
“Many of the Ebola affected children are still living with the fresh memories of the demise of their parents and Street Child will to do its best to ensure that these children smile again by working with the caregivers, school authorities, government and others to make sure that those children receive the best supplies,” Mr. Bull stressed.

According to him, there is nothing that will cause Street Child to be complacent in providing social services to the future leaders of this country as well as fighting to erase horrible memories of the Ebola.
Speaking earlier, the national executive director of the Independent Civil Society Network of Liberia, Jeremiah Paye, explained that Street Child has over the years been engaged into programs geared towards bringing hope to the hopeless, with specific reference to abandoned and destitute children from all sectors of the country.

Mr. Paye said the honoring of Street Child’s Program Director was due to many invaluable contributions toward the containment of the ravaging Ebola epidemic through the provision of Ebola preventive materials to various communities, particularly identifying with orphans and survivors.
“We strongly believe that our country could not have been declared Ebola free if not the magnanimous contributions of an institution like Street Child, which was actively involved in the process of ensuring that EVD is defeated,” he maintained.

Mr. Paye emphasized further that he was delighted to see Liberians, along with other partners, consolidating to a larger extent for the containment of the EVD that would forever be remembered for the pain it caused the country.


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