Straight From the Heart, Others End 21-Day Ebola Awareness Training

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As part of efforts to eradicate the deadly Ebola virus from Liberia, Straight from the Heart, in collaboration with other non-governmental organizations, has ended a 21-day Ebola awareness training and temperature testing in the Clara Town and Doe Communities.

The body temperature monitoring for 21 days was intended to encourage individuals to be more sensitive to their bodies. This is an important protocol in the fight against Ebola.

The chief executive officer (CEO) of Serene Health for All Mobile Clinics, Mrs. Maima Pelham, said the 21-day campaign was intended to engage community partners in Ebola awareness, prevention and transmission and carry out body temperature testing in order to keep residents of those communities safe.

According to Mrs. Pelham, the project is part of its efforts to continue helping in the fight against Ebola by creating awareness in communities on the importance of applying all known preventive measures in combating the deadly virus.

“Straight From the Heart and partners encourage daily monitoring of body temperature  and tracking high temperature and its frequency, since high temperature is one of the signs of the EVD.”

She explained that the first phase of the campaign was carried out among 10 households to re-enforce education on the prevention and transmission of the virus, especially in households that had suspected Ebola cases. 

Mrs. Pelham explained that the team also provided training for over 20 school-age children on how to protect themselves against catching the deadly virus which has already claimed the lives of thousands of Liberians and people in neighboring Guinea and Sierra Leone.

According to her, the intent of the campaign is to increase community knowledge and understanding of Ebola, reshape  attitudes, increase awareness and provide education on how to care safely for the sick until help arrives.

“We observed that these communities are too congested, with some of these homes having nine persons in a single room.  There is no safe drinking water for residents, no safe toilet facilities, no drainages and no clinics to provide medication in case of illness.”

She disclosed that is was important for Straight from the Heart and its partners to continue their initiative, including advocating for the people to ensure that most of these awareness and preventive services are provided.

Mrs. Pelham also presented five gallons of chlorine and others supplies to support the fight against Ebola.

The chairman of the Clara Town Community, David Jacobs, thanked Straight from the Heart and its partners for the level of support, awareness and  training provided  to help save the people of Clara Town from Ebola.


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