Storm Leaves Several Homeless in Nimba


Torrential rains followed by a heavy storm left several families homeless in Yao Lepula town, Nimba County. Most of the victims had to seek refuge in their villages or farms.

The tropical storm destroyed about 125 houses, including a school and left over 500 persons without homes in the town which is situated in north-eastern Nimba County.

One of the community school buildings was hard hit, compelling the school administration to close down indefinitely.

The Principal of Nuahn Public school, Mr Dickson Nuahn, told this newspaper that most of their textbooks as well as other instructional materials were damaged by the storm.

“Our school’s roof was taken away by the storm, leaving all our textbooks as well as other instructional materials exposed to the rain,” said Nuahn.

“Even as we speak most of the citizens of this town are now living in their villages or on their farms owing to the disaster.”

Although, there was no casualty reported, the tropical storm trashed several roofs, broke down homes and damaged buildings, both old and new.

During a tour of the scene, survivors could be seen huddled in makeshift shelters. Most of the houses destroyed were said to have been built in the ‘50s and ‘60s with zinc.

Some were stick houses roofed with zinc, while others were brick houses.

Ma Helena Mulbah, a resident of Lepula said, “Presently we are sleeping on our farms since our houses were damaged during the storm.”

 Yao Lepula is located in Buu – Yao Administrative District in Nimba County situated near the border with Ivory Coast. It is one of the biggest towns in the district with about 3000 residents.

There are two schools in the town; a public and a community school, but the storm destroyed the community school, forcing it to be partially closed down.

“We are currently faced with major challenges during this farming season,” said Town Chief Gaye Nuahn.

“Our citizens whose homes got destroyed are caught between two situations; their homes were destroyed and at the same time, they are engaged in farming.”

“We need help to rebuild our broken structures and also carry on our farming,” he pleaded.

Nimba County experiences storms every year, especially during the months of March and April. In April 2007, a major storm damaged several homes in Ganta.


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