“Stop Warmongering,” LUPD Tells Liberians


The attention of the Liberians United for Peace & Democracy (LUPD) has been drawn to what it called “the cleverly orchestrated attempts by some individuals to subvert the gains of peace, stability, democracy, and development that have been achieved by President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and her administration by beating the war drum.”

An LUPD release yesterday said these unscrupulous individuals masquerading as defenders of the people are spreading lies and venomous rumors that a victory other than a Unity Party victory, will result in the resumption of war, social upheaval, and hardship.

The LUPD said this blatant lie begs the question, “Who will bring the war?” The records of Senators George Manneh Weah and Jewel Howard-Taylor are clear; they are two of the few Liberian politicians that were not involved in our tragic civil war. “In fact, no one in the leadership of the CDC has been accused or charged with war or economic crimes. The CDC leadership has no experience with waging war and, as leaders of Liberia, would have no desire for the resumption of any civil unrest,” the release said.

The LUPD views these claims as a clear declaration of intent by the individuals spreading these rumors to ferment trouble if they lose the runoff elections. “Let them be warned, our neighbors will no longer allow their countries to be used to attack Liberia.”

LUPD said it is very concerned by unfounded claims that the international community will not welcome a CDC victory and will not work with Ambassador Weah and Senator Taylor if elected as President and Vice President.

Claims that our development partners will not give Liberia assistance under a CDC government is a devilish lie meant to scare Liberians from voting for the CDC.

The LUPD release said the international community has made it clear that they will work with the democratically elected Government of Liberia to protect the gains achieved and the investments made in Liberia.

The National Elections Commission (NEC) has been urged repeatedly by international observers to accurately report the votes of Liberians at the polls.

In this regard, LUPD calls on all peace-loving Liberians to exercise their franchise freely and responsibly and turn out massively to vote in the Presidential runoff and vote for the candidate of their choice.


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