‘Stop Testing Dead Bodies for COVID-19, Revise Observation Protocol’

Dr. Dougbeh Chris Nyan, CEO, Shufflex Biomed

Dr. Dougbeh Chris Nyan recommends

By Fatoumata Njie

Infectious disease scientist, Dr. Dougbeh Chris Nyan has said that, “Liberia’s extremely high case fatality rate of 10-11% is unrealistic and questionable since these numbers come from COVID-19 testing of dead bodies that may not have haboured the virus several hours or days after a person was pronounce dead.”

The Liberian scientist raised the concerns on 29th April 2020 as he analyzed Liberia’s COVID-19 Pandemic data on Monrovia’s OK FM 99.5 “The Conversation” with Julius Jeh.  Liberia seems to have the highest case fatality rate in the West African sub region.

Since the detection of COVID-19 in the index case in Liberia in March, the Liberian COVID-19 Case Management System has reportedly been carrying out community testing of dead bodies of people not previously under its observation, but coming out with “positive” laboratory test results for “COVID-19.”

Dr. Nyan made reference to the case of 72 years old John Teah, a hypertensive patient who died at the ELWA Hospital in Paynesville, Monrovia in early April and a 42-year-old man who suddenly died on April 3, 2020 upon arrival at the Jackson F. Doe Memorial Hospital in Tappita, Lower Nimba County. The test results of the 42-year old deceased man was first declared negative, then later declared “positive.” Relatives of both deceased persons disputed the COVID-19 test results by public health authorities.

“You [health authorities] cannot just say somebody died from COVID-19 simply by taking a swab from the mouth [of the dead body] whereby these people had underlying conditions that probably led to their deaths.”

Dr. Nyan, an infectious disease scientist, explained in simple terms that COVID-19 is an “RNA” virus. Unlike DNA, the RNA is fragile and degrades very quickly after the virus dies on surfaces and in dead people who might have been infected with the virus. COVID-19 does not survive in a non-living system or non-supportive medium.

He raised a number of questions as to “when did they [deceased persons] die, when were the samples [specimens] taken, how long were that samples transported, how long were the samples processed in order to detect the ‘positive’ result?”

Dr. Nyan then recommended that a “panel of scientists and public health personnel should review those testing data” of the all dead persons tested, and emphasizing that, “if these questions are not properly answered and not scientifically documented, those results must be questionable and must be thrown out.”

Representative Edwin Snowe of Bomi County who called in to the Julius Jeh Show, said he was “concerned that Liberia is showing the highest death rate … all other countries in West Africa are showing under 2% of death rate, but Liberia is accounting for about 10% death rate and that has been bothering me.”

Representative Snowe further stated that, “fortunately he [Dr. Nyan] answered my question today and we need to go back to the drawing board… I want to thank the doctor [Nyan] for a very, very brilliant presentation; the doctor has done us a good service.”

On her Facebook post on 30th April 2020, Akovi Faith wrote with similar concern that, “Liberia has the second highest case fatality rate in Africa, 12.5%, second to Algeria’s 12.6%. Liberia is testing community deaths while other countries in the region may not… so that could explain the ratio.”

Dr. Nyan then recommended that, “public health officials should stop testing dead bodies,” and further proposed that, “the protocol being used should be revised so as to address this particular issue [of testing dead bodies for COVID-19 infection].”

Testing remains a challenge and testing kits for COVID-19 are in short supply in Liberia.
The country has only one testing facility at the National Public Health Institute of Liberia. From January through March 2020, Dr. Nyan and his Diagnostic Team offered to develop Liberia’s COVID-19 testing kits for free, but the government did not respond. He is the invented of the US patented Rapid Multiplex Detection Test (called the Nyan-Test) for many infections including the Coronaviruses (COVID-19).


  1. It is unfathomable why a “good player” or expert of Dr. Nyan’s caliber will be sidelined by our government, in the wake of coronavirus pandemic. The same government imploring Liberians to lay aside politics in the fight against this pandemic, and yet continues to ignore this man’s frantic efforts to immobilize this virus? How dense could our government officials be? The associated donor funds must be the motivation in that regard. What else? Very very myopic!

  2. Dr Nyan from the onset had been more political than medical bashing sincere efforts and officials who have been confront the pandemic.
    He had been a very strong advocate of the controversial vaccines testing in Africa signaling his financial interest for compensation from western imperialists especially the two French doctors who were caught on tapes.
    It is thought Dr Nyan CORONAVIRUS interest is more of a front to force vaccines testing in Africans.

  3. Unfortunately the goon call George weah and bunch of looters feel they have the knowledge to deliver the Liberians from this deadly virus when in fact they have no clue on how to go about with such strategy. Why pretend to have all the knowledge and you know in your right frame of mind, you absolutely have no idea on how it works. George weah failed lone star team and we stupid people chose to award him with the gift to lead our struggling country, this is where we find ourselves today – funny people in the community of nations.

    Sidelining Dr.Nyan when you don’t have the capacity to do the right thing, we are just headed to the trash bucket under this idiot of a leader call Gbekugbeh

  4. This is not time for politic. I think we need to bring expert like Dr. Nyan and others on board to safe our nation. Liberia is the only country we have. We can have differences and still work together as team. Dr. thanks for the brilliance idea.

    • Albert Cope, this so called Dr. Nyan is too foolish to come on any such board. What proves this is this senselessness from him. The government must not allow such medical clown, ignoramus, and traitor, to be a part of anything of the national interest.

  5. Dear Dr. Nyan,

    Thank you for always taking up your busy time to educate Liberians on issues of public health. Please receive my greatest admiration and sincerest greetings this day. I hope and pray that you can be deeply involved with the scientific community in Liberia and Africa at large. Your contribution to humanity as a Liberian is indeed incommensurate, it should be celebrated and symbolically rewarded by your people in due course.

    You are the kind of hero I would love to celebrate and emulate, not begrudging and uncultivable sociopaths, psychopaths, sycophants and lunatics.
    Some have dared to mudsling your patriotic and pan-Africanist reputation by even soiling and entrenching themselves in future legal battles that may plunge them to the abyss of society; they have committed slander without providing any proof, provided website that does not exist, email which is not functional, phone numbers which are not attributed and eventually and irrefutably provided questionable credentials. They forget that we are living in a computer age where no one hides so easily.
    I hope and pray they will desist from their shame.

    However, it has been noticed that Senator Edwin Snowe likes to be heard on talk shows on radio stations.
    My dear Senator, your interventions are indeed pertinent and educative. But I think you have forgotten the role you play in Liberia.
    Sir, you are one of those making decisions on the daily running of our country. You are equally accountable to the people like any elected member of both houses and the executive. If you think Dr. Nyan is inspirational to the health sector in Liberia, why can’t you invite him to address both houses on key subjects from which you can make informed decisions on how to channel public health policies?
    Radio talk shows are for us, laymen and ordinary citizens, not you Sir. You should be called to enlighten the public on a topic affecting the state, not the public enlightening you. Do your job as a senator, Sir.

    I pray and hope this day that many other educated Liberians, both technicians and architects, will dare take the bull by the horn by altruistically venturing into the political arena to making Liberia a better place for mankind!


    • Chris Nyan, have you become a ” white chicken” who when praised, jumps straight into a pool of red palm oil? Taking into account the gravity of the debacle, this boring HYPOTHETICAL OR SURMISE of yours that “dead bodies that MAY NOT HAVE HARBORED THE VIRUS several hours or days after a person was pronounce dead” exposes your motive and your intent which are in totality, extremely diabolical and frivolous!

      For inter alia, even the living are tested negative and later positive, and vice versa. So, your point or argument is lackadaisical and should be rescinded forthwith!

      At this critical and crucial juncture of our nationś history, the public and the international community expects professionals from the straddling disciplines of medicine, law, engineering, and mass communication, and in deed, religion, to advance meaningful suggestions, and not such diabolical vanity of this boredom from you, which is worse than a presumptuous posturing which smells with a terribly repulsive odor!

  7. Henry or whatever u are call , since the call made by Dr. Nyan is an old news as your claimed , what’s the latest news on the block? please share with us since you are so vast in this COVID-19 situation. Another deadbeat follower. We just have too many blind loyalists around town hustling for few cups of rice. Go to your health minister now for the small carto Mr. Idiot.

  8. The prospects seem not to be bright for many of our professionals and intellectuals under the Weah’s administration. And for this reason, a highly professional individual like Dr. Nyan would not fit in Weah’s modus operandi (manner of operation).

    For one thing, the president and many of his followers are anti-intellectual. They are staid, sober, and sedated within their retrogressive beliefs. Before Weah was elected, he made the point known to his constituents he was anti-intellectual and as far as he was concerned, education was irrelevant to nation building.

    So, many of the events that are unfolding now like the saturation of the Civil Service Agency with unqualified people and the selection of individuals with little or no education within the medical specialties to occupy critical positions, is disheartening but does not come as a total surprise.

    Dr. Nyan’s ideology may not be best suited for the CDC ideology, and it re-enforces an old correlation that the Liberian society had always been one in which the higher the citizens are educated and enlightened, the greater are the chances for them to be forced to flee their country and live in exile, made political prisoners, or plotted against and assassinated because of their own political indoctrination.

  9. I respect you Doctor, however, testing even dead bodies should be welcome. We need to know if the dead bodies are positive and had any contact with anyone who should be tested. We need to contact trace.

  10. Mr. Right to be Anonymous, stupidity is the only logical description of you and your comment supra.

  11. Its a ridiculous situation in our country… According to WHO the virus is RNA and does not survives when the host dies… then how are health workers now testing bodies to be positive… when will our leaders be sincere to the masses in the common interest of the entire country… This is not only an act of deceit but also witchcraft and broad day… The wrath of God will surely fall upon those who are using this COVID 19 situation to enrich themselves that the detriment to the masses… God is watching not from a distance but from very close…. Liberian leaders must repent before God’s wrath behold them heavily… Lord have mercy…


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