“Stop Squandering the People’s Resources”

Phebe Referral Hospital in Gbarnga, Bong County.

-Baptist Prelate tells lawmakers

Reverend Samuel B. Reeves Jr., Senior Pastor of the Providence Baptist Church, on Tuesday, April 30, 2019, called on lawmakers to “stop squandering state resources at the detriment of ordinary Liberians” they represent and focus on promoting healthcare and education.

Rev. Reeves made the statement when the Providence Foundation, the humanitarian arm of the historic Providence Baptist Church, presented 700 gallons of fuel to the struggling Phebe Hospital in Gbarnga, Bong County.

The Phebe facility is the only Referral hospital in central Liberia. It has been in darkness for weeks due to the lack of fuel to run the generators. The situation, according to media reports, has  caused doctors and nurses to use Chinese made lamps to cater to the influx of patients.

At the presentation, Rev. Reeves who chairs the Board of the Providence Foundation, said it is heartbreaking to see national leaders, especially members of the legislature, parading with thousands of gas coupons in their pockets, while some essential areas, including the health sector are heavily challenged.

He said government resources are limited, and as such, they should be used wisely to benefit everyone including marginalized groups.

Reeves described the donation as the Foundation’s own way of contributing to the smooth operations of the hospital in these difficult times in the country.

He added, “The donation is part of the Providence Foundation’s community outreach programs geared to the transformation of underprivileged people in society.”

According to Rev. Reeves, the gesture is a step towards the forging of a genuine partnership between the church and the Phebe Hospital.

He assured the hospital administration that the Providence Foundation will always contribute to the needy, including the Phebe Hospital.

Responding, Dr. Jefferson Sibley, Phebe Hospital Medical Director, expressed gratitude to the Providence Foundation for the donation, which he described as timely.

Sibley said if the hospital can continue to receive the needed attention from the public and religious community, its difficulties will be history.


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