“Stop Politicizing Our Social Happiness”

Mayor Koijee (center) with Nimba Supt. Nelson Korquoi (right) at the LMPC sport ground, addressing the citizens

— Monrovia Mayor Jefferson Koijee tells Nimba people

Amid strong and disgusting feelings generated from the past National County Sports Meet, for which Nimba has decided to withdraw from the sporting tournament, City Mayor of Monrovia, Jefferson Koijee, has told people of the county not to politicize social activities such as sporting activities and religion.

Speaking to a group of citizens at the Nimba Intellectual Forum in Ganta on Saturday, August 1, 2020, Koijee said social happiness brings people together and unifies them as a nation.

A group of Nimba citizens under the banner “Concerned Nimba Initiative” is calling for the withdrawal of Nimba from this year’s County Meet because of what they have described as an ‘insult’ from the Minister of Youth and Sports, Minister Zoegar Wilson, during the immediate past county meet. Minister Wilson was reported to have described the Nimba team as “hooligans.”

It can be recalled that during the National County Meet last year, Nimba County, playing against Grand Kru in the final, walked off the sports pitch due to what they considered to be cheating by the referee against them.  This action, according to the rules of the sport, is against the game.  The Nimba team’s forfeiture of the match, therefore, provided Grand Kru the opportunity to be declared the winner of the County Meet that year.

But the grief from the match turned worse when Minister Zogar Wilson described Nimba people as “hooligans,” a description that youth and opinion leaders of the county have taken seriously to the extent that they are consulting others of the county to stay away from the National County Sports Meet.

One of the leaders championing the boycott action, Attorney Lawrence Sua, recently appeared on radio programs across the county, explaining why Nimba county should stay away from the National County Sports Meet and soliciting views from the people.  In one of the programs, calls inundated the line in support of the boycott action and calling for the removal of Minister Zogar Wilson from the Ministry of Youth & Sports.

The group said if President George Manneh Weah fails to meet their demand, they will ensure that Nimba withdraws from the pending County Meet.

Mayor Koijee, in his deliberation, said politics should be taken out of soccer and let politics be left with politicians on different issues, “not on issues that bring joy and happiness to us.”

“Let our joys not be taken away from us by politicians,” he said.

Meanwhile, Mayor Koijee has said that the ruling coalition will support any candidate put forward by the Movement for Democracy and Reconstruction (MDR) to contest the coming mid-term senatorial election in December this year.

He said, as one of the executives of the CDC and also head of the youth wing, his statement represents the party, adding, “we will any time here to endorse any candidate the MDR put out for the senatorial election after their primary.”


  1. After a successful elections victory that saw the Mighty CDC political party taking 14 of the 15 counties in what is still being described as a major landslide victory in the history of that country, less than three years , the Mighty CDC has become a bo weevil political party or a parasitic political party now looking for a home or anything that appears as a home or hotel or party or political organizations to feed off in order to survive politically. Now ones understands why the payoff to lawmakers in the House of Laws has become very expensive for the Mighty CDC to have its way in legislating. The politically infighting of the Mighty CDC and the major defeat in Montserrado County has got this Mighty CDC looking more desperate than the bo weevil or parasitic species it has actually become. And now, the Mayor of Monrovia, the new mouth piece of the somehow Mighty CDC is in Nimba looking for a home. Just looking for a home as a political parasite to destroy, due to the political uncertainty within the Coalition that makes up the new CDC. Still looking for a home. George and Chairman Morlu as Humpty Dumpty can’t hold their pieces together. And so the money man, as the Mayor of Monrovia has become the bo weevil of what used to be the Mighty CDC. Looking for a home , and planning to search for a home all day all night. Just looking for a HOME. Well good luck Mr. Mayor, but going to cost you more money for a prime estate like Nimba County politically. From here on cash for every negotiations. You once boasted of having the numbers, but lost your most prime estate , Montserrado County. Now looking for a Home. Just looking for a Home.

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