‘Stop Playing with Our Country’

Rep. Yekeh Kolubah's supporters paraded with him shoulder high to the headquarters of the Unity Party

-Urey, Rep. Kolubah, others warn the CDC as government grapples with tough challenges

Hundreds of people on Sunday, April 14, 2019, including the leaders of four collaborating political parties converged at the Unity Party (UP) headquarters in Congo Town where they listened to speeches and remarks by several political leaders including former Vice President Joseph Boakai,  chairman of the four collaborating parties Benoni Urey, Charles Brumskine and Montserrado County Electoral District #10 Representative, Yekeh Kolubah.

The Sunday, April 14, 2019 occasion, which witnessed the colorful arrival of Rep. Kolubah on the shoulders of young men at the headquarters of the former ruling Unity Party (UP) was characterized by singing, chanting of slogans and speech making.

In his statement of support to the collaborating opposition political parties, Kolubah said he has joined them not to bring about confusion or division, but to strengthen the force in order to ensure that the Weah led government is made either to work in interest of the country or be given its marching orders.

“We have come to say that we want us to hold together, because we have come to strengthen our older people in persons of Vice President Joseph Nyumah Boakai, Benoni Urey, Cllr. Charles Brumskine and Alexander Cummings,” he said.

Kolubah alleged that President Weah, in less than two years of his administration, has taken the country to “sad days rather than a period of joy”.

Rep. Kolubah (in red beret and khaki) and Benoni Urey (on Boakai’s left hand) look on as former VP Boakai made remarks.

“We have observed that this footballer, this merry-maker, has taken our country to the mud, and we will not continue to sit and allow things to continue going this way. This is why I have come to join you so you can use me at any time to force Weah and his crooks to do what is right,” he declared.

Rep. Kolubah said unlike many other persons out there, especially in  both houses of the Legislature, he cannot be bought by anyone to accomplish any deal.

“We have suffered. We have just given the country to this mafia for a little over one year, but we are not going nowhere,” he said.

He alleged that President Weah has become a greedy hunter, whose mission is to have all and deny the suffering masses, which he once proclaimed he came to liberate.

Kolubah said the House of Representatives has become a toothless bulldog as Speaker Bhofal Chambers has become a bag-boy to President George Weah, instead of doing his job as head of the first branch of government.

He said other than football jerseys the country has received no other benefit or realized anything substantive from President Weah’s  travels to foreign countries since he assumed office.

“This is the reason why I bought a football and a set of jerseys for George Weah so as to make him sit down and do our country’s work instead of traveling out there always for something all too cheap that we can afford to give him,” Kolubah boasted as the crowd cheered him on.

He alleged that Justice Minister, Musa Dean and the entire justice system of the country, including the Supreme Court of Liberia is extremely corrupt and lack the trust and confidence of the people for the settlement of any case.

He also alleged that President Weah has used the country’s money to build his personal homes and other business centers while the majority of the country’s population continue to suffer.

“You killed my brother but you cannot make it with me. You cannot kill me because I know it better than you,” he declared.

“Even though you visited us at the frontline on two different occasions and we sat, ate and smoked weed together, you have never fought war. You only supported us financially and materially but I know the tactics and I can get things done when I want to,” Kolubah said of President Weah as the crowd appeared awed and shocked by the grave allegations.

He said that while he was planning on parading with his supporters from the Fish Market through the Tubman Boulevard to the UP headquarters he got information that Monrovia City Mayor; Jefferson Koijee had a meeting at his residence with the intent to disrupt his parade.

“I am not afraid. This is why I told Koijee and his guys to come after me. When I was a man in this country, Koijee was a small boy washing Chuckie, I mean Charles Taylor’s son’s car. He is a little boy that I can never run away from,” he said, alleging further that a number of text messages threatening him were sent to his phone.

He congratulated the Police officers and a some personnel of the Armed Forces of Liberia who provided protection to his parade.  “Today is the first time I have seen our Police really working. They too are angry with this government because they are not getting their money. For three months now, the AFL has not received the rations meant for them. So do not think that it is only you who are suffering under this regime,” Kolubah said to the crowd gracing his occasion.

He thanked the UP, ALP, ANC and LP for allowing him to join them to fight for the best of the country.

Benoni Urey’s statement of acceptance of Rep. Kolubah to the four collaborating political parties was even more fiery.

Urey, who is the political leader of the All Liberian Party (ALP) and currently serves as the chairman of the collaborating political parties said no group of people has a monopoly over violence in Liberia, or anywhere else in the world, that would embolden people in government to keep threatening their fellow countrymen.

“The multiplication of mob violence across the country is a result of people’s lack of trust and confidence in the justice system, including the police. You go to the court house, they bribe all the judges. You go to the Supreme Court, you can’t get justice,” Urey charged.

He said people are getting angry and it is time that the Weah led government stops playing with the country.

“We have had it long enough. Stop playing with our country. The Constitution of our country must be upheld. We are not going to accept it anymore,” Urey declared.

He appealed to Kroll International, the international agency that investigated the alleged missing L$16 billion, to make available to the Liberian people its report in which names certain people, mainly present and past top government officials who were included, in order to ensure that justice is served without bias.

“Kroll, we want that report. You cannot aid and abet criminals in committing crimes against our country. You only released the names of a few persons who were handcuffed and taken to prison here. They are even expected to show up in court anytime soon,” Urey intoned.

He claimed, with visible support from his audience, that the Kroll report cannot be trusted since it did not say it in clear terms whether there was any money missing.

“You said there was no container missing but you did not tell us  whether there was no money missing. We know that our money was stolen by a few greedy politicians and their supporters. They know what happened to our money,” he said as the crowd cheered him on.

He welcomed Rep. Kolubah and assured him of their support to fight in the interest of the country.

Mr. Boakai said he is worried about the future of the country.

The former Veep said each time he sees young people roaming around without any specific meaningful engagement, he wonders what would happen to them in years ahead.

“I think always about how will our Liberian children will be able to stand out there and boast that they are prepared to compete with their counterparts from other parts of the world, mainly in our sub-region. It saddens me each time I look around and see them struggle with no hope in sight,” he said.

Boakai said while there are challenges presently facing the country, no one should prefer violence over peace.


  1. Mr. Urey, you are welcomed since you have control over Violence too, we know that you are former fighter, which you took the former president Charles G. Taylor’s money and you are enjoying today. But one day God will reward you for that. One thing that I know from the Bible is no SIN go unpunished. Your day is very close.
    Yekeh Kolubah is pinkin to our Government, We don’t care about him, Because he asked the president to assist him with some money to complete the building of his house and the President said please wait, I am thinking about the connection of country by Roads, and again he asked the president to appoint two of his relatives and President weah said no space for now, please wait. That how he becoming bad person or trust son of Liberia today? please wait yaa Yekeh Kolubah

    • I disagree. Yekeh’s tactics may not be polished, but he’s bringing awareness to the issues that is confronting the Liberian people. Weah is blatantly stealing the country’s money to enrich himself and someone has to confront him. We’re Liberians and we know a thief when we see one. Government employees go without pay for months but Weah is building mansions, commercial real estate, flying private jet and recently there is news that he bought a yacht in Senegal. Now, who do you think is causing the conflict? Weah or Yekeh? I think it is Weah because he is the one stealing the money.

  2. The political free sugar rhetoric been fed to the ears of the citizens or voters to grab attention without any deep thinking from them has created a kind of mindset that has their imagination in a trap. That political free sugar rhetoric usually comes with a price to be paid at a later date, time or hour . But it will be paid by the voters at a later time. Such political free sugars are usually based on the idea of a political opponent of the leadership is my friend, forgetting that in politics, today’s advocates are tomorrow’s dictator. And without any actual plan to lead and to put forward for debate, other than the usual political free sugars that sounds good to the ears, watch out, it is called political entrapment . That GDP will fixed the road ? That GDP people will eat ? That GDP will build the health care and delivery system ? That GDP will fixed the failed education system ? To the ears of the common citizens or voters, that political free sugars made lots of sense. But guess what ? Who is now struggling to build up the GDP from the economy in order to fix the roads , the infrastructures and fix the social problems of the country and economy ? ” Stop Playing with Our Country ” , and so what comes next after that political free sugar rhetoric that is meant to keep the citizens’ imagination high on political cloud nine ? We have been there and we have created heroes, and this present regime of the Chosen Son of the Soil should by now telling us to ask for more details, other than the political free sugar rhetorics praying on the miserable lives of the citizens that a looking for a way out. Because of the disappointment of the last regime in handling the country’s GDP, the present regime thought it wise to downplay the importance of GDP as it relates to the country’s economy and reconstructions. Now they are facing that very devil called GDP and the growth of the economy with no where to turn. Liberia can not live and develop by political free sugar rhetorics alone and do not expect not to pay a heavy price. They must also have a detailed understanding and knowledge concerning their plans to develop. Then it is easy to implement.

  3. James Citizen, the legislature reserve the right to call on the General Accounting Commission (GAC) to conduct audit to verify all claims of financial misappropriation. Yekeh should lobby within the house to ensure check and balance of the executive branch. In as much as it is prudent to advocate for the rights of the people, I wonder on what moral high ground do Yekeh and Benoni stand to castigate George Weah especially when the former were in a joint force that destroyed Liberia to a point government is still grappling with reconstruction. Since when did Yekeh realize that stealing is wrong when all his life he’s been looting and murdering innocent people. Urey, a shameless so-called business man now after seizing Taylor’s ill-gotten stock, had also in the past been orchestrating the deaths of many innocent Liberian. He also led the rebel group that looted the PMU warehouse at ELWA junction. The food stuff that was intended to feed poor and suffering people of Liberia, Urey stole. He led some rebels to seize the warehouse during the April 6, 1996 fracas. Many residents from that area along with the workers of the PMU at the time can attest to this fact. I’m also an eye witness. Urey also looted the new Land Rover Defender jeep that was sent for the NGO called CAP (Children Assistance Program). Can you imagine that after destroying the country in 1990, murdering over half of the population and rendering the rest desolated, other international partners came in to assist the children through the CAP NGO, but yet and still Urey was engaged in looting the property of the very NGO that came in to help the people he destroyed. Now he has come up pretending to be in the interest of the people, even the crazy people at Catherine Mills rehabilitation center would not believe that falsehood. So why should the Liberian people listen to these two gruesome murderers and looters that played a major role in destroying the country? They both lack the moral credence to judge someone else regarding stealing because the level of stealing they’ve done, Weah is light years away from surpassing them.

    • Urey is a bigger thief than the people he is accusing. He is lucky Taylor is is jail because he would have been dead for all the money he stole from him. he has done more crazy stuff because he could not win and will not win the presidency of Liberia. I can tell anyone, no soul will cease power by violence in Liberia. We will have them crushed to a point that it will be the worse in Liberia

  4. The reason for our people rallying around MILITANTS who lack substantial political ideas that will make significant contribution in developing our country, just exposed the depth of our illiteracy rate.

    Anyway, this is Liberia…… anything is possible.
    The “GOD FATHERS” themselves, are at the forefront, so do the foot soldiers. Non of the so-called God Fathers, or Big three, Big Four can deliver us from our ABYSS. They all have been there once upon a time. If they could not deliver back then, why do we think they can, at this present moment.

    So many tactics involved in winning a bread, but the aspiration of the people, is of paramount concern.

    To my fellow Liberins, if you are fooled by a person, that does make you a fool. You only become a fool when you continuously fall for the same trick, over and over.


  5. Citizen,
    You have the disposition of accusing Weah always. With everything being equal, you have a natural right to express yourself. So that is understood. In any case, your above post contains a lot of accusations that are based on “they say”. As you know, a lot of “they say” is based on hatred or falsehoods. Would you agree? You went to the extreme to have us told that:

    1. Weah owns a private jet plane.
    Question: Where is plane based? Where did he purchase the jet? By the way, president Tolbert owned a private plane. It was called “Speedy One”. Should Weah not own a plane?

    2. Weah is using the country’s poor financial resources to build mansions.
    Question: Where’s the spreadsheet that validates this claim?

    3. Weah owns a yatch.
    Question: How often does Weah travel by his yatch ti get to Sinoe county? France?

    Somehow, your accusations contain a bizaare twist and so I ask, “have you or any of your informers” seen Weah’s private yatch or jet plane? Also, do you have sufficient evidence that can positively verify whether some civil servant employees are not being paid?

    You claim that Kolubah brings awareness. What kind of awareness are you referencing?

  6. There you go again! You guys are confusing the whole situation here. Why can’t we pray to set up this crime court and indict all that we feel are looters, murderous, and those that were criminally involved in any way or form, there by declaring proving their innocent or guilt. Those who looted, killed and did all kinds of damage during the war. That was war time. Survival the fittest. That is the past. Don’t forget what fueled those happenings. Can we then sit and the new government refueling the same situation that ignited gross past? People let’s shake our heads and gain contact. Let’s not lose our thoughts. (Not a siemmon, just a thought)


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