Stop Abuse of Free Speech


orthern Alliance Youth Congress of Liberia (NAYOCOL) has expressed serious concern about what the organization calls the continued abuse of free speech by some people, especially politicians, to the detriment of the country’s emergent democracy.

In a press statement issued in Monrovia Monday, NAYOCOL said some politicians are in the constant habit of abusing one another at different occasions and platforms when given the opportunity.

The NAYOCOL statement was signed by Mr. Cooper H. Ikpeh, secretary general and Mr. Vamba Kanneh, chairman.

NAYOCOL, which is a not for profit entity primarily involved in the promotion of education, peace and security among the youth in the country, described as disturbing and uncalled for, people who are involved in making personal attacks.

A majority of their views being expressed on issues of national concerns, the statement pointed out, mainly centered on the much publicized 2017 Presidential and Legislative Elections.

NAYOCOL encourages those in the habit of abusing free speech to desist and instead be tolerant in the expression of their views and those of others as guaranteed by the Liberian Constitution, which is regarded as the organic law of the country.

“The abuse of free speech has the propensity to undermine the country’s nascent democracy and also plunge the country into chaos,” the statement added.

“We must stop abusing free speech. Let us be tolerant of one another’s views irrespective of our differences. Liberia is our only denominator and therefore we must do nothing to tear it apart.”

Against this backdrop, NAYOCOL calls on the traditional and religious leaders in the country to be more proactive in maintaining peace and security in the country by engaging political leaders.

NAYOCOL wants the religious and traditional leaders to bring together all political actors, especially aspirants, and remind them of their responsibilities to society, and Liberians.

“Politicians, mainly presidential and legislative aspirants, must be honest and sincere in their messages to the Liberian people,” the statement stressed.

“We say this because we are reminded of the past when aspirants made fabulous promises to the Liberian people, but at the end of the day, those
sugarcoated promises were never translated into concrete results after some of those aspirants where elected by the people.”

Meanwhile, NAYOCOL has underscored the need for aspirants to advise their supporters to be tolerant and responsible in the expression of their views.
NAYOCOL makes specific reference to personal attacks, which could lead to violent confrontations and destruction of lives and properties.


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