Stinking Garbage Overpowers ‘Gobachop’ Residents

Gobachop Red Light junction.jpg

Residents of the ‘Gobachop’ Community of Red Light in Paynesville have called on Paynesville City Corporation (PCC) and the Liberian Marketing Association (LMA) branch in the area to assist them in removing a sprawling heap of garbage marketers have dumped in their community.

Scores of residents, who spoke in separate interviews with the Daily Observer yesterday in the ‘Gobachop’ community, said the stench and squalor resulting from the dump pile is a serious threat to their health, and will eventually lead to a heath crisis.

“We have our children here who are going to school, while some of them are helping us to sell, but the bad odor from the refuse is creating an unpleasant atmosphere for us,” Jebbeh Kollie, a resident of the area remarked.

According to Madam Kollie, LMA garbage collectors have not visited the area in over two weeks and therefore, the situation has become unbearable for the residents, especially children.

She said many of her business friends who live near the garbage with their children, are the worst affected.

“Here, we have people who are cooking and selling food, so to have flies feeding on a dumpsite near the food will not be good for us and our customers,” a female food seller complained.

Another woman who sells a variety of food stuff observed that, for the past one week, the garbage has increased without anyone making attempts to clean up the mess.

Madam Konah Howard added that every day the residents experience setbacks in their businesses to the extent that their children complain of “no money for recess.”

“Customers are coming but very slowly due to the bad odor and unsanitary conditions caused by the garbage, which now makes them stop coming over the last two Fridays,” Madam Howard lamented.

“Our living condition has deteriorated, most especially at night, when awful smells from the dirt spread in all directions,” said Howard.

PCC and the LMA personnel assigned in the market area told this newspaper that employees from the two offices are always around removing the trash, but confessed that “the dirt is overwhelming us.”


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