‘Step Aside for Me to Transform Liberia’

-Cummings tells presidential contenders


Alexander B. Cummings of the opposition Alternative National Congress (ANC) has told other aspirants in the ensuing presidential elections to step aside and give him a chance to transform Liberia by raising the standard of living of the citizens.

Mr. Cummings made the statement recently after partisans from Grand Bassa County’s five electoral districts unanimously endorsed him in Buchanan on a white ballot as the party’s standard bearer.

The white ballot was casted on behalf of ANC delegates by county chairman Larry Z. Tunings and partisans Mary Slowo and John Gbeh.

Meanwhile, Mr. Cummings reiterated that he has no connection to and is not affected by the much-talked about Code of Conduct as is being widely circulated in the media.

He described the report as false, misleading and a fabrication intended by his would-be detractors to discredit his leadership capability to transform the country and better the lives of the citizens.

“In fact, I resigned from the Coca-Cola Company before I joined the Board of the Booker Washington Institution (BWI); they are not government entities, but private, and so the Code of Conduct cannot affect me,” Cummings explained.

He thanked the partisans for overwhelmingly endorsing him as ANC’s standard bearer to contest the October polls.

He assured the partisans of possessing the strong political will to transform the country.

Cummings then listed part of his platform to include the construction of good road network; the provision of quality education; a good healthcare delivery system; the creation of job opportunities; equal distribution of Liberia’s natural resources; the provision of uninterrupted electricity and safe drinking water; encouraging mechanized agriculture to stop hunger and produce more food for the sustainability of the state.


  1. All of the presidential contenders want to provide the same services for the Liberian people. So let Cummings tell us how he intends to achieve those things and most importantly, what mechanism does he have in has platform (different from the current administration) to fight corruption.

    • Yes Bro. Momolu all the contenders want to provide the same services as Cummings but the difference is that most of these contenders have served and continue to serve in government where they had/have the ability to effect a change but chose to do otherwise. The records are there and all we have to do is look them up.

      Like everyone else with a vision, but the mechanism Mr. Cummings has is the vision and the ability to follow through and making it a reality. Like our current president once said eloquently that Liberia is not poor but the mismanagement of its resources has got Liberia where it is today. Certainly, Mr. Cummings’ records shows that he has experienced that management style from corporation that could be helpful for Liberia at this time, unlike his opponents. Let give the new kid on the block a shot at making Liberia a proud nation! I would caution, however, that electing him should not be the end but we must work with him and at the same time hold his feet to the fire.

  2. I think is necessary to gave this guy to take the lead he has mein to make Liberia A better place in West Africa he is person that identify the Country problems​ A DR who identify airing should be able to find best medicine It

  3. This is the leader I am talking about. The leader outside the box who has a clear vision for THE PEOPLE. The leader who can identify the problem and know the solution. I have great hope in this man. I know him will address law and order too.

  4. There is a need to change the political and government structure in our country to promote peace, efficiency, cost saving, national unity and dignity as a nation. We copy, or should I say swallow hook,line and sinker, everything about our politics from the white man. And the white people themselves dont even live up to the standards of their so-called western democracy anymore.

    Why do we as poor as we are have a house of Representatives and house of senate that cost us milliona of dollars every year? Why can’t we just have a single and simple legislative body? Why does the president have to appoint jurdges,especially the Supreme Court justices? Is that democratic? NO!

    If we have a new political and government structure that focuses on real work and cuts the waste and mismanagement in our government, we will no have everyone trying to be president of that small, poor and misguided country.

    I for one would ask for a government that will do away with this imperial presidency….first off. Also, the many ministries with overlapping functions need to be addressed.

    Why can’t we restructure the political may of Liberia so we have fewer counties (or regions) by merging existing counties that make no sense to be counties in the first place: River gee and Gbapolu for example. Why all this division? We need like 5 big counties with bigger populations. We need to build big towns and real new cities in these 5 newly formed night counties by encouraging people living in those countless villages and dying town to move to those newly established bigger town and cities. Whitt that we can provide the needed services to the masses in a very effective and efficient manner.

    Why is the need to have a national election? Why can’t the election be conducted locally and elected representativeso be sent to the political capital to to format a national government….with shorter tenure and term limit?

    There is too much noise and distractionsee from the real work that needs to be done for 2 years straight as a result of these useless political activities that yield no good results in the end for the masses.

    • Some very good thoughts and bright ideas, to be taken seriously by Liberians of all stripes and persuasions. I suggest you proceed to associate with Clemenceau Urey and others who have recently launched a movement in Liberia akin to China’s “Great Leap Forward”.

  5. Having platforms that no longer see daylight once they attained power is obsolete @ this point in time ….

    Method of implementation And having the resources to bring them into manifestation should be the area of concentration. And this is where I think Cummimgs separates himself from the Pack based on his background as Chief Executive…….

  6. A person who seeks power through lies and legal infractions is bound to break more laws and tell bigger lies.. Why can’t he just abide by the laws and go through the process..? Do our laws not apply to him..? Was he not appointed by the president to BWI..? Is he not an American..? He may be a good guy but he is approaching this all wrong and sending the wrong message..!! This tells me he did not plan well enough.. it’s sad that all these years in corporate America he demonstrates no concept of forward thinking..

    • I beg to differ my friend. It is only the public that is reading the Code of Conduct and interpreting it as the public sees it fit. The public may be right, but no governing body has come up to say who meets or don’t meet the Code of Conduct requirements as of yet. All we can do is wait to see what the Ombudsman Committee does or says.

      In my opinion this was approached in the reverse order. Following the approval of the Code of Conduct into law, the administration should have constituted and empowered the enforcing body (the Ombudsman Committee) prior to the submission of names for elected office to the NEC. This would have given political parties ample time to resubmit replacement names of rejected candidates. It seems a bit too late to tell any party their candidate does not meet the requirements. Think of the trouble and expenditure the party has already been through. Besides, the time might be too short to put another candidate on the ballot as replacement.

  7. Every political party and leader have identified a set of problem or issues that they intend to solve but the way to do this in a clear strategy is lacking and it is my hope that serious minded political party will answer the how question. The upcoming elections will be a different one unlike the others!Liberians are wiser and will do just and yes ” he can make a difference too.

  8. Yes Hon. Commings, why being so upset about the widely much talked about Code of Conduct when you know it will die a natural death. All over the USA, Liberian Americans are saying, the Code of Conduct is get another show .
    Jappa M Togbah Charlotte North Carolina

  9. Liberia have had so many struggles in the name of revolutions, in bringing change to Liberia which took away thousands of lives. In all of those revolutions, we saw the very same people coming back to repeat the very same thing, enriching themselves and doing nothing for the country and itscitizens. But this time, the citizens must stand up for a political revolution through the ballot box and elect Mr. Alexander Cummings as president of Liberia. Let those old hands in the business step aside and let focus on how we want our country to be for us and our grandchildren.

  10. I’m sure those of you quick on flaunting this Alexander Cummings’ Coca-Cola salesmanship as the new tapeline to measure the competency and preparedness of our next president, would hope at the same time that the current predicament or mess on our hands in the US, as in Donald Trump, never existed? The Trump campaign and by extension his supporters inundated us with these very same hyperbolic pie in the sky arguments. That Trump was a successful (very successful at that) businessman, a swamp drainer, a Washington outsider, an America-first patriot, etc., etc., all the other embellishing laurels you could ever imagine. Whereas we just happen to know that the bubbles surrounding these vaunted salesmanship credentials, are no match for the rough adulterated dog-eat-dog political terrains out there. Were that not the case, past executives of private corporations would definitely be the candidates of choice for public offices the world over. Business schools would be highly recommended in that regard. But living examples tell us that’s a far cry from reality. More specifically, selling soft drinks happens to be Mr. Cummings’ forte, so why not he replicate that experience as a business model for west Africa, than trying to convince us that he too, is now a magician who can convert nearly 170 year-old problems into quick “dividends” for everybody? Very utopian, if you ask me. …Carpe diem!

  11. When you see the snake running from the bush and heading to ward the town then it’s after some things or something after him

  12. Oh yes! we heard this before, the laws does not applied to me. “Mr. Alexander Cummings” “In fact, I resigned from the Coca-Cola Company before I joined the Board of the Booker Washington Institution (BWI); they are not government entities, but private, and so the Code of Conduct cannot affect me,” Cummings explained. BWI is an government institution, not a private and the government pays the salaries of those that work for the institution.you were appointed by the president of Liberia, and the code says all appointees by the president. it did not say any thing about private or governments appointees, the codes said all appointees by the president of Liberia.


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