Stay Away From Politics, Director Massaquoi Warns Officers

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The Director of the National Police (LNP) Col. C. Clarence Massaquoi is warning his officers ahead of the special Mid Term Election to stay away from involvement in political activities or drastic action will be taken against them.

Col. Massaquoi, addressing members of his Senior Staff on Tuesday, said the SOP of the LNP will affect any officer that engages in political activities during and after elections, stressing that such involvement will undermine the neutrality of the LNP.

The LNP boss said the LNP as a law enforcement institution has moral and legal obligations to provide protection for all candidates during elections and reminded the officers to be cognizant of their civil responsibility to their country.

Director Massaquoi said any officer seen campaigning or engaging in electoral activities will face the full weight of the Police Duty Manual for their action.

Chapter Ten of the Police Duty Manual states that, “By virtue of the membership of the Liberia National Police and in affirming commitment and independence in serving the community at large, no member of the LNP shall join or play an active role in the organization, non-official securing or holding of executive position in any political party or organization; however, he/she may freely exercise his/ her right to cast vote in an official election in Liberia.”

“We are not politicians, and so we are not to get involved in political activities and our actions must be in line with our responsibility as a law enforcement institution”, Director Massaquoi emphasized.

At the same time the LNP is urging the public to stop carrying civil matters to the police for investigation. The Police boss said civil matters must be handled by the courts and not the police.

He encouraged police officers assigned to various Zones and Depots to be professional in their interaction with the public and desist from acts that have the tendency to undermine their professionalism.


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