“Stand Up Against Bad Governance”


— PLP Political Leader, Dr. Daniel E. Cassell, challenges Liberians

The Political Leader of the newly certificated People’s Liberation Party (PLP), Dr. Daniel E. Cassell, has called on Liberians at home and in the Diasporas to stand up against societal ills and marginalization being meted against them by those in national leadership.

Dr. Cassell, is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) in Pennsylvania, USA, a Licensed Clinical Drug and Alcohol Counselor (LCADC) in New Jersey and the President/Founder of the Kwenyah Professional Health Services based in the United States.

He is also the President/Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Cassell Foundation, and the Kwenyan Security Firm in Liberia.

According to the party press release, Dr. Cassell has observed that Liberia and its citizens remain faced with mountainous challenges, and as such, citizens should see reason to support like-minded ideas and principles to move their country forward.

He named unexplained deaths, marginalization, lack of access to adequate healthcare delivery, bad governance, among others as some of the constraints negatively contributing to the backwardness of the country and hindering the improvement of citizens’ living conditions.

Dr. Cassell made these comments when a former stalwart of the ex-governing Unity Party (UP), Kansualism M. Kansuah and over 150 others officially parted company with the UP and joined the PLP at a brief ceremony held at the party’s headquarters in Congo Town, outside Monrovia.

Kansuah was the former Recruitment Coordinator on the 2011 Campaign Team of the UP, Administrator for Montserrado County, and Assistant Secretary-General of the Liberia Action Party (LAP)-one of the political parties that formed part of the UP. He also served as Assistant Minister for Land and Rail Transport during the administration of ex-Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.

He urged citizens to see reason to join the new political movement that seeks to liberate the Liberian people.

“I invite every Liberian throughout this nation and diaspora; those of you who have been sick and tired, or are being sick and tired of the condition that this country is going through-the unbearable condition of abject poverty, the poor living standards, the ill-treatment of our citizens, the unexplainable deaths, the inability of our leaders to even meet the basic needs of our people, the disturbing news of us being unable to address the basic health care of our people as a sovereign nation-I urge you to find the People’s Liberation Party (PLP) as your home”.

He added: “PLP came into existence to serve our people. There have to be similarities in our views and principles for us to work together. Because of the things that we stand for, that’s why we have been called the People’s Liberation Party. Make no mistake-we have a lot of works on our heads and lots of fights in front of us. I invite folks who want to put the people and country first over everything to come over. Your loyalty should only be to the party and what it stands for.”

Dr. Cassell pointed out that his party seeks to uphold the tenets of good governance and democracy in a bid to promote human dignity in the society.

He added that collectively, Liberians can constructively combat against public officials who have put in place systems to please only those in power.

He observed that the systems have not been workable to help move the country forward and improve the living conditions of citizens.

“Those are the tenets and human dignity we are fighting for and we need to have restored in our people. Please join forces with the PLP; come on, let’s hold hands together and fight the system that has continuously suppressed our people-and only care about those who are in power and look the other way using and abusing the poor.”

Dr. Cassell, however, commended Mr. Kansuah and others for being “farsighted” to join the PLP.

He pointed out that Liberians, particularly patriotic citizens have a major role to play in resuscitating the nation.

He added that citizens who have either joined or contemplating on forming a part of the PLP should be reminded and encouraged to pledge loyalty to the PLP only, instead of holding loyalty for the party’s political leader, chairman and others who brought them to form a part of the PLP.

Speaking earlier, Kansuah pointed out that his decision taken to join the PLP and lure others to follow is due to the entrenched compassion and commitment the party’s political leader has for Liberia and its citizens. 

He pointed out that most often politicians in Liberia normally wait for the electioneering period before extending helping hands to citizens, but Dr. Cassell’s humanitarian works and gestures to the needy go beyond politics.

He maintained that it has become a normal routine in the country for these politicians to neglect or abandon those who elected them to the helm of power barely few days after their ascendancy.

Kansuah added that despite numerous decades after the country gained its independence, Liberia stills remain backward in terms of the provision of basic necessities to its citizens.

He noted that it is now time that Liberians brace themselves to ensure the abolition of deceptive politics in the nation.

“I am over plus happy to be here today and the reason is that since over 170 years we have voted leaders in this country but yet still most of our people still live in abject poverty; most of our communities are not connected by roads, most hospitals don’t have drugs, electricity is scarce; education system is challenged and corruption is on the rampage.”

“When the election is tomorrow, you see politicians masquerading here and there acting like good citizens by giving rice and other things because they want to mislead our people. But I see a man who is not like that. I see a man who is moving in Liberia every day helping people, especially the disadvantaged, physically challenged and I see some communities are being connected by him. This guy is not waiting to be President or leader in this country before he can do anything. He has started to help people while he is nowhere.

He stated that it is incumbent upon all well-meaning Liberians brace themselves against the “traditional” style of politicking which has not benefitted the country and its citizens for several decades.

“It is incumbent upon all of us no matter your status-marketers, pehn-pehn boys, farmers, teachers, and whosoever you are; this is the time that you come and join the PLP because the PLP is a party that will liberate this country. It is time that we get on board this ship to ensure that our people have a life to live. I think it is now time that we change the political dynamism to a political paradise.”

Kansuah, however, challenged other supporters and partisans of the PLP to be “disciples” of the PLP in their respective communities.

“This party will not be causing noise; we are going to attack the issues and ensure that the party is structured in every community”.

He urged Liberians to desist from the negative habit of moving from one political party to another to “eat”.

Kansuah indicated that this undesirable mindset of some citizens has negatively contributed to the backwardness of the country and the lack of improvement in their living conditions.

“It bothers me sometimes when people say I am going to this (political) party to eat. Eating, eating is what spoiling Liberia. If you just go there to eat at the end of the day, we will continue to vote for the wrong people”.

He noted that for too long Liberians have been suppressed and ill-treated in their own country, and as such, citizens must now reflect on their past and forge ahead by holding hands with sincere and honest citizens who intend to rescue the country.


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