Stage Play for Murder in the Cassava Patch Today


B4 Youth Theater has announced the stage play adaptation of the classic novel Murder in the Cassava Patch, written by the late literary icon of Liberia, Bai T. Moore, as part of the book’s 50th anniversary celebrations.

The stage play for the novel, which is one of the most popular literary works in the country, will be held at Providence Island today, December 21, at 6 pm.

Murder in the Cassava Patch is about a toxic relationship that existed between Gortokai and Tene and which ended in an unfortunate note for her.

The chief organizer of the event, Jasmine L. Blanks Jones, who is also the founder of the B4 Youth Theater, told LIB Life that the event is intended to evoke Liberians’ interest in literary works by Liberian authors.

“The goal of this stage play is to arouse the declining interest among Liberians about literary works that tell their story. During the stage play, we are going to take our audience, both young and old, on a journey back to Liberia in the 1960s to tell a story about a toxic relationship that existed between two Liberians,” Mrs. Banks said.

According to Mrs. Banks, the stage play is also intended to revive and showcase the stage play as a strong tool for education, information, and entertainment.

Ticket prices for the show range from US$5 for students with ID cards, US$10 ordinary and VIP US$25. Tickets for the event are available at Afropolitan and Evelyn’s Restaurant.

Gortokai, realizing that Tene was not attracted to him but other men, sought the help of a witch doctor to make Tene fall in love with him. For that to happen, Gortokai needed a delicate body part from Tene (such as hairs), but along the way found it difficult due to Tene’s sister Kema.

To make matters worse, Tene gets pregnant for another man. What’s more, Gortokai accidentally hears Tene frivolously uttering words that denote a lack of respect for him.

To top it all, Gortokai then discovers that Tene regularly receives clothes and jewelries from a rich man.



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