St. Teresa, Len Miller for Debate Finals

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St. Teresa’s Convent defeated Seventh Day Adventist in the on-going Devine Events and Consultancy Inter -High School debate 95-84 points to qualify with Len Miller for the finals.
The two finalists will meet at the Monrovia City Hall on September 13, while SDA will be going against G.W. Gibson for the third place slot the same day.
In the St. Teresa’s Convent and SDA encounter, Convent forced SDA to make slight blunders, presenting their argument on the topic: “Is Civil Disobedience a Moral Weapon against the Fight for Justice?”
SDA’s argument was not always convincing and they were always behind their opponents and not able to close the gap.
SDA’s final speaker came up with a weak-closing statement that couldn’t narrow the wide margin that was already created by the previous speaker.
The audience was in high anticipation that SDA could put out an eye-catching performance to upset St. Teresa’s Covent, but SDA could not live up to expectation.
When the judges announced the results, the crowd shouted, “The clash of titans,” since the two were the best teams in the tournament.
“The defeat was a collective failure, but we have recognized areas of our faults,” SDA captain John Massaquoi said.
He added that they were not deterred by the defeat, because it would also help to strengthen their resolve to improve their academic qualification in several other areas.
Olivia Livingstone became the outstanding captain for St. Teresa’s Covent.
“We knew that the school we will meet in the final has intelligent members but we have developed a plan that can upset them,” student Livingstone assured.
Meanwhile, Len Miller became one of the tournament’s favorites, defeating St. Mary’s Catholic High School on the topic: “Are Both Parents Responsible for the Financial Upkeep of the family?”
In another encounter, Len Miller High School narrowly conquered G.W Gibson High School to secure their place for the final, with 85-82 points.


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