St. Peter’s Claver U.S. Alumni Give Back

Students, administration and members of the Alumni Association (USA) with the microscope and other donated laboratory equipment and materials.

A consignment of laboratory equipment and materials, as well as two newly constructed toilets and a water tower valued at over US$30,000 have been turned over to the administration of the St. Peter’s Claver High School in Buchanan, Grand Bassa County by the Alumni Association in the Americas.

The laboratory equipment and facilities including 20 microscopes, a projector, re-agents, science books as well as the construction of the modern toilets and water tower, were undertaken by the school’s Alumni Association in the U.S. as its contribution to enhance the learning conditions at St. Peter’s Claver.

At the dedication ceremony held on Saturday in Buchanan, the president of the Alumni Association in the Americas, Daniel Kieh, said the project was intended to show appreciation for the level of improvement in learning at the school.

Kieh said with the introduction of the West Africa Senior School Certificate Exams, they hope that the donated laboratory materials will further help to better prepare the students for their science examinations.

The Alumni Association also pledged scholarships and other support to deserving students and the school. Sixteen students from St. Peter’s Claver were among the top performers in the country in the 2016-2017 West African Examinations Council test. St. Peter’s achieved the highest mark in the 2017 WAEC Junior High Exams and was second in the Senior High level in the country.

In separate remarks, a senior member of the Alumni Association in the Americas, Hassan Tall, said the school’s accomplishments have energized the association to do more and urged other students to follow in the footsteps of their fellow top achievers.

He urged the top achievers not to be complacent with what they have accomplished, but should instead see it as a challenge to push themselves even harder to acquire their career objectives.

The school’s administrator, Sister Grace Boro, expressed appreciation to the Alumni Association for its continued support to the school. She said the materials donated and the facilities constructed will help to raise the standard of learning at St. Peter’s.

She recalled that over the years the Alumni Association has been what she called “a blessing” to the school; and through their support, the school and its students have benefited a lot. She urged the students to live up to the challenge by studying harder and make high grades that will attract more assistance from the Alumni and other people of goodwill.


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