St. Lawrence Graduates 60


The St. Lawrence Catholic School in Ganta recently graduated 60 students who successfully passed this year’s West African Examination Council (WAEC) exams.

This is the only school in Nimba that graduated students based on how successful they performed in WAEC. Nearly all the schools in Ganta usually allow their students to graduate whether they pass or fail WAEC.

The St. Lawrence School registered 206 students for the June/July WAEC exams, with 60 making a successful pass. Out of the 183 students the Ganta United Methodist School registered, 31 passed. The leading government school, J. W. Pearson High School, registered 403 students, with only 3 making a pass.

The J.W. Pearons High School graduated all their students whether they failed or passed the exams, a trend other schools in Ganta followed.

“We are the only school in Ganta that fairly graduated our students based on their performances in the WAEC,” Edwin Wallo, St. Lawrence Vice Principal for Administration, said.

One of the parents and former District Education Officer, Cliffort Konah, praised St. Lawrence for their fair graduation policy, something he said that will stand as a challenge for schools where students are allowed to graduate even when they fail WAEC to begin instituting serious changes to their academic programs. “Graduating students who did not pass the WAEC is not fair. It keeps the students from being serious or from having an interest in the WAEC,” Mr. Konah said.

He said the policy not to graduate students who did not pass the WAEC exams was appropriate because it gets parents involved in their children’s learning process.

As a result of the poor performance in WAEC, Bain District Education Officer (DEO) Lynor Martor has reshuffled most of the school administrators who he considered to be ‘weak principals’ with other qualified ones that are capable of carry on ‘effective supervision.’

Meanwhile the keynote speaker Emmanuel Waydon encouraged the graduates to be serious and focused in their pursuit of higher education.


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