St. John River Flooding Stalls Businesses in Ganta


Heavy down pour of rain has left the Ganta Port of entry linking Guinea with Liberia flooded causing businesses and movement of people to come to a standstill.

Vehicles plying the borderline have been parked along the banks of the St. John River connecting the two countries due to the flood water.

Security personnel manning checkpoints on both the Liberian and the Guinean sides have been evacuated, while commuters have been advised from trading along the border lines in the wake of the rising tide due to the danger the water poses to traders.

Ganta border is one of the lucrative ports of entry in Liberia where huge revenue is collected annually.

When this reporter visited the port on the September 10, the customs office and other offices were closed while most of the agents were observed to be loitering.

“The river has closed the road and we do not have anything to do now,” said one of the customs officers.

Flooding is said to have hit several parts of the county this rainy season causing huge loss to rice farmers, as well as damaging several other cash crops including the young cocoa.

In the Buu-Yao and Kparblee districts, the Cestor River swept away several rice farms and destroyed some villages that are situated near the river.

The Ganta border with Guinea is divided by the St. John River and presently, there is no way to get Guinea easily because the river has overflowed its banks.

It is believed that, if the trade link remains flooded for days, Liberia could lose huge revenue.


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