St. Clement Univ. Urged to Remain Focused

Beyan Flomo Pewee, Child-web.jpg


The winner of the United Nations Global Education Youth Courage Award in 2014 is urging the administration and students of St. Clement University College to remain focused on producing students who will use their skills to contribute positively to the country’s development.

Beyan Flomo Pewee, a child rights advocate, who emerged from the Children’s Parliament, said he was looking forward to the institution providing quality instructors and lecturers who are not just offering courses but rather producing young people who are willing to become leaders themselves.”

The youth advocate and a student at St. Clement lamented the poor education system in the country and maintained that the system is plagued with several challenges especially for an emerging institution that is offering courses that prepare young scholars for the job market.

Expressing gratitude to staffers at the university for maintaining the current learning climate, he indicated that human resource development is key to the development of any country emerging from conflict.

According to the youth ambassador, he was shocked to learn that St. Clement was the only learning institution in the country offering development studies as an associate degree course.

At the moment, plans are underway to construct in the Township of Caldwell a modern university that meets international standards, according to Rev. Samuel Duodu, vice president for administration.

While the university campus near the ELWA Junction in Paynesville remains easily accessible to students, the institution is fully recognized and currently working with the National Commission on Higher Education to offer the baccalaureate degree in the near future.

“We are hoping that God being our helper, the Commission will soon grant us full-fledged baccalaureate degree status, he indicated.

The National Commission on Higher Education is responsible for providing policy guidelines for establishing higher learning institutions in Liberia. It also coordinates, monitors, evaluates, and accredits all higher institutions of learning. The commission was formerly a department under the Ministry of Education but has now been granted commission status.


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