SRDC/Sawah-Liberia Certificate 40 Students in Various Academic Disciplines

Graduates of the six weeks online educational program.

The Six Regional Diaspora Caucus (SRDC) in partnership with Sawah-Liberia has certificated 40 Liberian students in various academic disciplines in order to advance their educational goals.

The program held on Monday, August 24, 2020, in Paynesville, was attended by parents and educational stakeholders as well as students.

The students acquired skills in Environmental Science, Oral History, Project Management, Linguistics, African Geography and Business Administration, through an online platform that lasted for six weeks conducted by educational professionals from the United States of America.

SRDC is a diaspora organization mainly run by Africans to foster sustainable developments for ‘less privileged’ youth. They are collaborating with Sawah Liberia, a local NGO that creates educational opportunities for young people.

Speaking to reporters at the end of the program, the executive director of Sawah-Liberia, Mrs. Louise Siaway, said that the program was designed to promote the Pan African Culture Exchange Initiatives that empowers young women and men in education, agriculture and other fields for livelihood improvement.

She said the graduating class signifies a public library that the young people will be employed to provide their expertise.

According to her, the Government of Liberia has made available 2.5 acres of land to construct a public library in order to enhance the educational knowledge of the students.

“Today’s program is about the Pan African Cultural Exchange. But the main program is toward constructing a public library where these students will be used as volunteers. This is the beginning of training for young people as the impact would be seen later,” Mrs. Siaway added.

“We are endeavoring to improve the learning conditions of Liberian children in the area of reading as many of them have poor reading skills. This is why we intend to introduce the need for a public library,” she stated.

“The public library will enable the students to access more reading materials. Competition is very important; so, the library will help the children to improve in education,” she added.

Etta Paye, who acquired skills in Linguistics, thanked SRDC and Sawah-Liberia for the opportunity granted them to acquire knowledge.

“We would like to thank both organizations for allowing us to enroll in the program. We want to call on our friends in the communities to take advantage of the program for the betterment of their lives,” she said.


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