SRC Staffs Complain of Poor Living Condition


Staff members of Salala Rubber Corporation (SRC) in Margibi County, have complained of poor living an working conditions of the employees and contractors on the plantation.  They say their living and working conditions are in a deplorable state, with homes of the employees and contractors falling apart.

The Rubber plantation that is located in the Gibi district, Margibi County has five different camps,  four of which are in a deplorable, with bad living standards. But the camp occupied by senior and junior staff members is up to standard, decent and livable.

Our reporter toured Camp Three, which is  the largest and worst camp.  There, she saw houses that are wide open, without doors or windows; yet with people living in them.  Nor is there any water system or  electricity, for residents living there.

According to some of the contractors who begged anonymity, they have been working with SRC Company for about five years but have to use their personal finances to give themselves and their families medical treatment.

The contractor pointed out that he had been a contractor for the Company for the past five years and further that SRC Company does not want to employ them.

“We don’t have a pump here, so we have to go all the way to the creek to get water to cook and drink and the place is far from the town.

For the past five years now I have been a contractor but any time we ask the company they tell us to wait small and up to now we are still serving as contractors in order to sustain our families here.”

Another contractor noted that they have used one pair of boots for the past one year.  He further stated  that from where they live to the plantation is about three hours walk.

“Any time we get late for work, the Company will send us back home and deduct the money from our wages at the end of the month.

When contacted the Human Resource Manager of the Company, Jallah Mensah, said the Company is not responsible for the contractors.

He disclosed that the Company only responsible to hire head contractors and deal directly with the head contractor who will later hire other contractors.


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