SRC Improves Staff’s Sanitary Condition


The Management of Salala Rubber Corporation (SRC) says it will endeavor to improve the sanitary condition of the various towns and villages located within its concession area in Margibi County.

It said over the weekend that following the commencement of the construction of a four-room latrine in Jorgborlorsue Town in Dini Ta Clan, Borlorla Township in Gibi District, Upper Margibi County, through the company’s general manager, Shanid Aluppy, the company was delighted to help its catchment communities to improve the sanitary condition of their areas.

According to the Liberia News Agency, quoting a press release, SRC management is closely working along with the people in all communities in the area. The citizens have organized their locality into seven clusters with each having at least a minimum town or village of ten and headed by a cluster head.

The communities are divided into seven clusters which include Massaquoi Ta Cluster, Blumie Cluster, Menah Town Cluster, Baypolu Cluster, Dede Ta Cluster, Sackie Gbumah Town Cluster, and Gleegbar Town Cluster.

It further stated that a total of seventy-one towns and villages under the seven clusters will all be a beneficiary of the company’s developmental initiatives under its corporate social responsibility programs.

One of the several units of new latrine being constructed and many of the divisions.

Speaking further, the SRC management also pointed out that though the company was currently facing a financial crisis, it was going to ensure it delivers on its commitment made during engagement meetings with various community members.

Also as a way of ensuring that they take ownership of all projects, all contractors that are to build or implement the project are recruited from towns and villages in order for them to also be empowered.

Meanwhile, the management of SRC has embarked on massive community sensitization and outreach program on Lassa fever around its plantation in closed collaboration with the Margibi County Health Team.

The community sensitization will run from the 25th of October through November 12, 2o19, this year throughout all of its camps and nearby communities.


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