SRC Forbids Politics on Company’s Premises

SRC General Manager Nicolas R. Bergerot says the company is about development, not politics

The management of Salala Rubber Corporation (SRC) has banned all political-related activities on the premises of the company, situated in Margibi County Electoral District #5, the company has said in a statement.

The company’s decision comes in the wake of the upcoming presidential and legislative elections scheduled for October 10.

SRC General Manager Nicolas R. Bergerot says the company is
about development, not politics

The company occupies about 22,000 acres of land in the area with a large voting population. Until the recent pronouncement, there have been political rallies and programs held in its various camps but surprisingly, for the ensuing elections, management has issued a strict mandate, immediately stopping all political activities on its premises.

The company’s operational camps are predominantly occupied by the constituents of House Speaker Emmanuel Nuquay.

Henceforth, the company’s mandate has been printed in bold letters and posted on public bulletins around the plantation.

Meanwhile, the president of the Salala Agricultural Workers Union (SAWUL), Anthony Opa Moses, who also confirmed the information, has endorsed the decision.

Mr. Moses said the management has consulted its lawyers, who are already aware of and are in support of the decision to ban political activities on the plantation, at least for the time being.

Moses said management reached the decision as a result of tactics some of the workers reportedly employed, including diverting working hours to political discussions.

Meanwhile, SRC has threatened to dismiss any employee caught violating the ban, especially for engaging in political discussions during working hours.


  1. SALAZAR RUBBER CORPORATION, have to accommodate employees, to participate in Liberia’s electoral process. Don’t do to SRC employees, what you can not do in Germany; to Germans. Liberia is not a German Colony. I suppose SRC WORKERS have time/day off from work. They should be allowed to take part in “Liberia’s Political Activities”. This is a test(case) for Liberia’s Ministery of Labor. Mr. Manager, don’t “BULLY” Liberia/Liberians with your “Master Race Attitudes”.


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