Squabble over Rep. Sloh’s Body Finally Over

The late Rep. J. Nagbe Sloh will be interred on Saturday, August 15, 2020

Funeral rites begin Wednesday

At long last, the squabble over “who owns the body” of late Sinoe County District #2 Representative Jay Nagbe Sloh has ended, with the writ of injunction before Judge Kennedy Peabody of the Sixth Judicial Circuit Court withdrawn.

The writ, filed by Ruth D. Sloh, restrained Kou Kidan Boyoe and accomplices from proceeding with funeral activities over the remains of the fallen lawmaker until the court declares who the legitimate widow is.

Representative Sloh died at the John F. Kennedy memorial hospital on Tuesday, June 30, 2020.

The Daily Observer has gathered that after fruitful negotiations, Madam Boyoe, the mother of two of Rep. Sloh’s children, reluctantly abandoned the challenge to the writ of injunction. She is said to be en route to the United States of America (USA), without any intention of attending the funeral, which rites are expected to begin Wednesday, August 12.

In her petition, Madam Ruth Sloh, who currently resides in the United States of America, acting through her ‘Attorney-In-Fact,’ Nyenswah Sloh, said that Kou Kidan Boyoe was a fiancée of her late husband and has been presenting herself as the widow, interacting with the House of Representatives and other government functionaries concerning the funeral activities of her late husband.

Mrs. Sloh, serving as the movant, said that Boyoe, the respondent, has also been presiding over other important family functions that are ascribed to her (Ruth Sloh), much to her detriment and disadvantage.

Excerpt of the Petition: “And now comes movant in the above-entitled cause of action and most importantly prays the Honorable Court to issue a writ of a preliminary injunction against the respondents herein prohibiting and restraining them from further proceeding with carrying out or executing programs/ceremonies or acting in the capacity as a widow and or transacting any business directly or indirectly relating to the functions/duties/responsibilities as a widow…”

According to her, she was ‘completely astonished’ to learn that Respondent Kou kidan-Boyoe was presenting herself as the widow and acting as such when she and her husband, the late Jaybloh Nagbe Sloh, Sr., were never divorced until his demise.

“But assuming and not admitting that he (the late Honorable Jaybloh Nagbe Sloh, Sr.,) consummated a second marriage with the respondent without divorcing the movant, the said second marriage from all intent and purposes is null and void, and cannot be the basis for respondent’s actions narrated hereinabove,” the petition said.

Further in the petition, Mrs. Sloh narrated that she and her late husband got married on May 8, 1993, in Monrovia and migrated to the United States of America where she has stayed for the last two decades. The union, she furthered, is blessed with four children, with the oldest being 35 years old and all of them residing in the United States.

Her husband, she noted, returned to Liberia to serve his country but was in constant communication with her and the children until his demise a few weeks ago.

Amid the filing of the writ of injunction, it was reported that the House’s Judiciary Committee has ruled in favor or awarded the decision to Mrs. Ruth Doe-Sloh as the legal wife to the late Rep. Jay Nagbe Sloh.

Cllr. J. Fonati Koffa, the chairman of Judiciary, said after “thorough” investigation and deliberation, only Mrs. Doe-Sloh presented ‘evidence’ of their marriage, even though it was their first time meeting her, unlike Kou, whom they have known over the years.

Meanwhile, according to funeral rites,  there will be a two-day signing of the book of condolence from Wednesday to Thursday, August 12 -13, 2020. On Wednesday, at 10 a.m, President George M. Weah will sign the book of condolence, followed by Vice President Jewel Howard -Taylor and members of the Senate; and the Speaker and members of the House of Representatives. Next will be the Chief Justice and Associate Justices of the Supreme Court, as well as former head of state, former vice head of state, and the First lady, including members of the diplomatic corps, among others. On Thursday, August 13, the clergy will begin signing the book of condolence.

On Friday, August 14,  the remains of the late Rep. Sloh will be taken from the Samuel Stryker Funeral Home at 1 p.m. to ‘lie in state’ in the rotunda of the Capitol Building at 3 p.m. It will be followed by a night of wake keeping at the First Assembly Church of God from  5 p.m – 11 pm.

On Saturday, August 15, beginning at 10 a.m, the funeral rites will be held and interment will follow at the Brewerville Cemetery.


  1. What a surprise, Rep Sloh is from Sinoe County, Liberia. He was a current representative from that county when he met his demise. He is being buried in Montserrado Co. at a none historic cemetery. The question is, why?
    You love your people, you represent them, why not be buried among them? Understand if you were buried in Montserrado for historic reasons or this was your original home county. Everyone wants to come to Monrovia but claim their home county and people. You need to live with your people if you are to represent their interests. My opinion!

  2. This is shamful that the wife who issued the rate of injunction can not come to Liberia because she does not have the necessary documentation to travel outside of the United States of America. Ruth Doe Sloh and Nagbe Sloh have not been together for 7 years now but she wanted to show her power by marriage documents. Why can’t Mrs. Ruth Sloh carry the remain to Sinoe to burry her husband. Kou Kiadu would have carried the body to Sinoe because she was financially ready to do that, but it is ok Kou is on her way back to America. Ruth Sloh is doing this for benefit but to see a Sinoe Representative been buried in Breweville is a total shame. However, farwell you well Hon. Nagbe

  3. First of on Lewis Senponoe since you cannot be a sufficient reporter her name is not Boyoe, her name is Kau Kidau Sloh. Miss us with the poor reporting, You failed to report Ruth as a bigamist also since she wanted to shame this man. At the end of the day we the people know Kau Sloh and all she has done with Honorable. We do not know Ruth, the only woman I know that fight to be wife of a dead man while living with a live man. Documents were not the only reason she failed to travel. She has a husband in the US who threatened her travel. Ruth is no saint. She lives in Philadelphia with a man. She is in need of the property because it’s not the man she’s after. She does not care about this man and has brought shame to him. Return your school fees to the Reporting Online program you completed. But the God we serve is not dead. The disgrace she brought to Mr. Sloh will be returned. The property she and her kids need, her daughter marriage that she failed at, let them keep it. Judge aided with a bigamist,We side with Kau. We do not know Ruth.

  4. It’s not that she doesn’t have the funds only, and even if she did, RUTH US based husband won’t allow her, how can a woman be married to two men or even claiming to wed one but sharing matrimony bed with another for over 7 years. They are in need of the money so come take it.


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