Spotlight on Guinea for Counterfeit Medicines

Officials of Pharmacy Board of Liberia with LIS officers at the Ganta Border

— Pharmacy Board of Liberia says

The Pharmacy Board of Liberia (PBL), has put the Republic of Guinea on the spotlight for being one of the leading centers for “counterfeit medical drugs in West Africa,

Visiting the Ganta recently, the team of pharmacists headed by Pharmacist Dr. Menmon P. Z. Dunah from the board, urged border security in Ganta Border to remain vigilant in combating the importation of any essential drugs entering the country through the local ports.

Dr. Menmon Paul Z. Dunah, Board Registrar and Mr. Ernest Gray, Administrator, who were on an assessment tour along the border with Guinea in Nimba County on Saturday, September 21, 2019, called on security personnel assigned to the border to stop any importation of any essential drugs using the port of entry.

Both Dr. Dunah and Mr. Gray said any essential drug entering the country, using any of the local crossing points, is a counterfeit drug and should be flagged.

They said there are two ports designated by the PBL to allow the entry of essential drugs in the country include the Free Port of Monrovia and the Roberts International Airport (RIA). “Besides these ports,” they said, “no essential drug is allowed to enter the country through any other ports.

“It is evidently clear that Guinea has the largest banks of counterfeit and falsified drugs and they try to smuggle these drugs to other parts of Africa,” said Pharmacist Dr. Dunah.

He said, at the two designated ports of entry, there are devices available to test samples of any drugs brought in before the can be cleared for entry.

“It is illegal for any essential drug to enter the country outside of the recommended ports of entry,” said Mr. Ernest Gray, Administrator of PBL.

Dr. Dunah explained that there is an organization called LHMRA, which is responsible for testing all essential drugs entering the country before being released for public consumption. Plans are underway, he added, to set up mechanisms at some of the local ports for testing of pharmaceutical products, especially the medical drugs.

The team of the Pharmacy Board visiting the Ganta Border held a coordination meeting with the security apparatus to ensure that no essential drugs are smuggled into the country.

Meanwhile, Dr. Dunah has assured the public that the Pharmacy Board of Liberia will remain vigilant, ensuring that the medical drugs on sale are safe for human consumption. The team also visited Sanniquellie, where they also held a meeting with joint security representing Yekepa and other local border points connecting Guinea.

Meanwhile, the joint security at the Ganta Border have affirmed their commitment to making sure no essential drugs enter the country through their area of assignment.


  1. Stupid decision to stop medications entry into country from Guinea. Most of the hinterland benefits from medications from Guinea. You guys just make big show to talk abou Guinea and life difficult for poor people.

    Just because your Monrovia based importers bribe you to threat people then you come on to make life hard for people.
    Just because it does not come through he Freeport and RIA renders it counterfeit.


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