Skipper Weah Launches Football Practice Matches

President Weah in possession of the ball against the LEG of the House of Representatives

-Against Branches of Gov’t, Ministries

Former football icon (President) George M. Weah has formally announced “hanging his jersey” in the Intra-Governmental Tournament, and has officially launched practice sessions against other branches of government, including ministries, autonomous agencies, corporations, among others, on Saturdays.

The former captain of the Legislature, (2014 – 2016, President Weah), on Saturday, at the Barclay Training Center (BTC) sports pitch on UN Drive, led the Ministry of State (MOS) in the first ceremonial practice match against his former side, the LEG of the House of Representatives.

The President’s two goals were enough to thrash the Legislature.

At least 40 members of the House of Representatives were in attendance, including Speaker Bhofal Chambers and Deputy Speaker Prince K. Moye. The 52-year-old former 1995 World Best Player lacked stamina but still has the skills and tactics to lead his side to victory.

Reps. Samuel Kogar, Saah Joseph, Ivar Jones, Lawrence Morris, Dickson Seboe, Hanson Kiazolu and Albert Hill could not pull a goal against the President’s outfit. Coach (Rep.) Solomon George blamed his team’s defeat to lack of preparation but said there will be a return leg.

The football practice is the president’s way of working out to good health.  “No matter your age or fitness level, training or exercises can help you get in shape and lower your risk of disease,” the president told members of the House of Representatives.

The 2018 Intra-governmental league is expected to begin next month at the Samuel K. Doe Sports Complex in Paynesville. The Intra-governmental tourney is meant to reawaken the spirit of togetherness and unity, and to solidify intra-governmental relationship. The tournament provides the opportunity for senior managers, junior managers, and ordinary employees to interact.


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