Players Unite to Promote Non-Violent Elections

Barrack Young Controller skipper Van-Dave Harmon displays his peace message

Liberian footballers from different clubs in and out of the country have launched a campaign to promote a peaceful election ahead of the October polls.

The campaign, “Players for Peace,” features specially designed messages with the help of photos, radio content, banners and posters containing promotional peace messages on social media.

Comprising several first division players and players in the Diaspora, they have called on Liberians to remain peaceful during the elections in the country.

Presidential and legislative elections are slated for October 10 throughout the country.

According to the over 20 players, violence during this period will not be the solution for Liberia’s many problems, and any form of violence may reverse the positive progress the country has made so far.

The players commenced their no-violence campaign by posting peace messages such as “Vote Liberia,” “Say No to Violence” and “I Stand for Peace” that has been shared on various social media platforms.

BYC midfielder Yaya Bility: “I stand for peace; vote Liberia.”

This is the first no-violence campaign launched by athletes since the start of campaign activities in the 2017 presidential and representative elections.

The players believe that through the influence and popularity of sports, many Liberians will be able to acquire the various peace messages in their respective communities.

The “Players for Peace” campaign features players from clubs in the Liberia Football Association’s first division and the MSL (United States) second division league. Several players, including BYC’s Van-Dave Harmon, Abdulai Bility, Monrovia Club Breweries’ midfielder Benjamin Sarkoh, LISCR FC’s Varney Sandoo, LPRC Oilers’ Sam Jadoe and former IE player Emmanuel Elkins, who is currently playing for second division side Suresports FC in the United States, are part of the program.

Sam Jadoe said “I support free, fair and transparent elections in Liberia. Say no to violence, Liberia is all we have.”

Emmanuel Elkins noted, “I support peaceful and democratic elections in Liberia. Vote mama Liberia.”

Football as a global sport is one of the most widely used media to reach all sectors of society, irrespective of age, gender, and religion.


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