Midfielder Innis Eyes LFA Presidency


With about seven months to the election of the leadership of the Liberia Football Association (LFA), a former Liberian international player has expressed his intention to head the LFA and bring about the needed change to revive the standard of the game. Mr. Janjay Innis said his decision to contest the presidency of the LFA is based on his wealth of experience as a player, technician, and administrator. He believes that when given the opportunity to serve in such a capacity, Liberian football will regain its prewar status, and the standard of the game will improve “immensely.” He attributed the poor standard of the game to the lack of programs, especially the development of grassroots football, and mismanagement of resources intended to develop the game. He, however, did not explain further what he meant by the “mismanagement of resources at the LFA.”

“Frankly speaking, we have skillful and gifted players like any other players in Europe and South America, but our approach towards the game is poor because we lack the will power to implement the right approach to tackle corruption, maladministration and lack of accountability, something that has negatively impacted on the development of the game in our country,” Mr. Innis said. According to him, if elected, his leadership will decentralize the game and provide the necessary measures to make it profitable. He placed more emphasis on the development of youth football and incorporating former players’ expertise to enhance the development of the game in every capacity. The former Liberian midfielder plied his professional career in Switzerland with Yverdon and Al Nasr Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. He also won two caps for the national team.

Like Innis, many pundits of the game are calling for the restructuring of the LFA as well as a roadmap that will rejuvenate the spirit of the local league, which is at its lowest ebb. The LFA is currently headed by Musa Bility who succeeded Cllr. Izetta Wesley, following an election in Monrovia in March 2010. Bility ran unopposed in March 2014, thereby giving him another four-year term.

Meanwhile, the toughest requirement in the LFA statutes is that a presidential candidate must have earned a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent.


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