Checkmate or Check at Chess Federation?


Chess is a game of the mind and through the best players once test his strength and enjoy the game. On the other hand, choosing to play someone who does not understand your intention is dangerous.

Also checkmating an opponent in a chess game means a player’s king is attacked (in check) and there is no way to meet that attack and the game ends.

The above analogy is ongoing at the Liberia Chess Federation (LCF) with some members calling themselves the Liberia Chess Federation (LCF), who recently checkmated its president Winston K. Ireland and his corps of officers with a vote of no confidence, and thereafter elected an interim leadership, to carry the LCF to elections in eight months.

Those elected were William Thompson, president; Richmond Yakpa, vice president; Clarence Buigbo, financial secretary, and Ivan Cholopray, as treasurer while Roland Zeze and Kona Tamba were also appointed to serve as advisors.

But in an exclusive interview with the Daily Observer, Mr. Ireland, who claimed to have learned to retain and practice the specifics of planning, movement, openings, middlegames, and closings in chess, challenged his removal.

Winston Ireland

Mr. Ireland said the General Assembly (GA) in which he was removed and elected an interim leadership, in his own words, “is bogus, illegal and unconstitutional.”

He told the Daily Observer that he has written the Ministry of Youth and Sports about the ‘illegal action against him,” and Deputy Minister of Sports, G. Andy Quamie acknowledged receipt of the communication in an interview with the Daily Observer and the ELBC.
“We are investigating and can’t go into the details,” Min. Quamie said.

Ireland said: “Chess’s GA is held in November, but not before November 30 in accordance with Article 10 of our constitution. In Article 11, officers of the federation may call an emergency meeting of the GA at any time or such a meeting may be called by a written requisition signed by 15 members of the GA and it shall be called within 30 days of notification from the officers or receipt of signed requisition from 15 members of the GA.”

“This and other articles in the constitution were violated,” Ireland said.

In an eight-page document to the Daily Observer, Mr. Ireland challenged the GA for his removal; gave comprehensive and administrative reports and accused former Chess president, who is currently the Minister of Finance, Samuel Tweah of masterminding and funding his removal.

Samuel Tweah, now Minister of Finance and Development Planning

“Mr. Tweah promised to give them US$100,000 in the 2018/2019. We are planning to suspend Mr. Samuel Tweah and seven others pending the Ministry’s investigation,” Ireland said. He claimed that Minister Tweah funded the GA for his removal.

Minister Tweah in his reaction said “The accusation is a trash because I have a country to focus on instead of a federation. I did not promise or give a nickel or any support and never masterminded anyone’s removal. I am an ardent chess enthusiast and might give my moral and financial support only to develop chess.”

Meanwhile, on Saturday, the Director of Sports of the Ministry of Youth and Sports, Mr. Navarro Saykie served as the Installation Officer to install the interim administration of the LCF, which indicted the Ministry of Youth & Sports support. The head coach of the Lonestar football team, James Salinsa Debbah was present.

In his inaugural speech, Mr. Thompson gave a 7-day ultimatum to the Winston Ireland’s leadership to present a financial report.


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