BRYF Calls for Gov’t Partnership

Ambassador Bill Rogers with the 2020 Nelson Mandela Freedom Award, which will be officially presented to him in Decemeber this year, in Monrovia.

— As Liberia’s Int’l Athlete Wins Nelson Mandela Freedom Award

The president of the Bill Rogers Youth Foundation (BRFY), Mr. Emmanuel Divine Kpoto, has urged the government through the Ministry of Youth and Sports and Information Ministry to endorse Ambassador Bill Rogers ‘Nelson Mandela Freedom Award’ in the United States of America.

The Nelson Mandela Freedom Award honors are presented to exemplary leaders that serve as a vital force for positive change in their communities.

The Liberian international athlete on September 26, 2020, won the Nelson Mandela Freedom Award for 2020 for empowering the disadvantaged youths in Liberia. And Because of his achievement, he was selected as an Angelo State University Ram, the university where he is pursuing his graduate degree.

The call to the government, Mr. Kpoto said, is to bring the attention of government and its people, especially President Weah, who is said to be a former sports icon, to celebrate this young Liberian international athlete (Bill Rogers) like he has done for several other Liberians of international repute.

He commented that the Nelson Mandela Award is an award that has put Liberia on another platform and has given the Liberian international athlete the opportunity to speak as a proud Liberian.

Mr. Kpoto said, “So what I can tell the Government is that they should be able to endorse this prestigious award. Work along with the award and Amb. Rogers because he is not just coming alone, he is coming along with some potential people that have an interest in tourism.

With excitement, Mr. Kpoto disclosed that Amb. Rogers will receive the 2020 Nelson Mandela Freedom Award from the Chicago-based “We Dream in Color Foundation” in December of this year in Liberia. The We Dream In Color Foundation was founded by fashion icon, Dr. Quinto Alexander.

Rogers was named for the 2020 Nelson Mandela Freedom Award in July this year, though there has been no acknowledgment from any government officials including President Weah. According to Mr. Kpoto, it is important that President Weah acknowledges someone who he says has put the country on the global map.

“Bill Rogers is not just an ordinary young man. If I can recall, there is a girl who won the American Idol- Just Sam. She has not been to Liberia to do what Bill is doing, but she was recognized by President Weah on the E-mansion website,” Kpoto said.

The BRYF President added: “Looking at Bill Rogers’s track record, his service to his country, I think this is something that the government of Liberia needs to look into and see that this young man is recognized for his passion for developing disadvantaged youths in Liberia.”


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