Cllr. Fonati Koffa Joins Race for Grand Kru County

The chief executive officer and president of BRCT, Mr. Gbenimah B. Slopadoe (left) and Cllr. Koffa

Resigns as Minister of State without Portfolio; Donates to Road Maintenance Project

Special prosecutor Cllr. J. Fonati Koffa has finally joined the race for the representative seat of Electoral District #2 in Grand Kru County in the October 10 presidential and legislative elections, for which he has been cleared by the National Elections Commission (NEC). Cllr. Koffa will contest on the ticket of the Liberty Party (LP), which he once served as chairman. He will be going against Rep. Numene T.H. Bartekwa of the Unity Party (UP).
The special prosecutor is responsible for investigating the Global Witness Report on Liberia as well as investigating and resolving all allegations contained in current and past General Auditing Commission (GAC) reports.

Cllr. Koffa told newsmen on Monday, July 24 in his office at the Foreign Ministry that he resigned as Minister of State without Portfolio on Friday, July 7, but remains the head of the Special Presidential Taskforce – an auxiliary of the Ministry of Justice. However, this newspaper has reliably learned that President Sirleaf is yet to officially accept his resignation and therefore he is still carrying out his functions as Minister of State without Portfolio.

The special prosecutor made the remarks during a brief donation program where he presented US$1,000 to the Bridge Rural Communities for Trade (BRCT) – a local non-profit organization – to help mend the “very difficult and impassable road conditions of the southeast that are responsible for the shortage of basic commodities and social services.”
The Grand Kru County District # 2 aspirant said the “assistance is intended to help to rehabilitate the roads to maintain trade in the southeast,” adding: “We hope this token will help mobilize your men to maintain our roads intact for our people.”

For his part, the chief executive officer (CEO) and president of BRCT, Mr. Gbenimah B. Slopadoe, thanked Cllr. Koffa for the gesture and termed it as the highest donation. It may be recalled that about five months ago, BRCT launched a campaign for US$500,000 for phase one of its road project to connect five southeastern counties, including Grand Gedeh, Sinoe, River Gee, Grand Kru and Maryland. BRCT is a non-profit organization with both local and international support.

Mr. Slopadoe stressed that the road maintenance project will deal with the “very difficult and impassable” road conditions of the southeast to alleviate the difficulties of citizens there in their daily commuting activities.

Other Resignations

Besides the resignation of the Minister of State without Portfolio, it has also been gathered that other senior officials of government including Bong County Superintendent Selena Mappy-Polson and Gender, Children and Social Protection Minister Julia Duncan-Cassell have also resigned to contest in the October elections.


  1. Liberians are watching the quest of Cllr. Fonati Koffa, whether or not he will be allowed
    to run or not. Of course, the Code of Conduct is seriously wounded and now in the
    casket for burial. Whatever the outcome, we are watching to see. (I’ll be back again
    on this very subject)

    • Fonati Koffa is a convicted criminal who ran away because he could not work in America. He embezzled over $500,000 from old people in America to support Charles Brumskine. He was convicted and sentenced to jail. Now he is a big shot in Liberia.

  2. It looks like Cllr. FELONati Koffa have already met ALL the qualifications to be a Representative from Grand Kru County… :

    1. Cllr. Felonati has already “attain the age of 25” (see Article 30 from the Liberian Constitution)

    2. Cllr. Fonati is giving FREE stuff to the People of Grand Kru (see Daily Observer story)

    3. Cllr. Fonati is a convicted Felon!! (see the News and Observer Newspaper of North Carolina)

    But any Kru man or woman who votes for Cllr. Felonati will be aiding and abetting the coming of another criminal to Capitol Hill. Please, we already have Alex Tyler, Edward Forh,, and the forty thieves!

  3. So the only vacancy in Liberia now is Representative/Senator position?
    What getting wrong with this country? All the funeral homes should be
    in readiness to do real business, Liberian ready to kill each other this year.
    The tension is mounting!!!

  4. So the only vacancy in Liberia now is Representative/Senator position?
    What getting wrong with this country? So help me god!

  5. Liberians have a saying; “99 days for rouge, one day for the master.” ( The solution to the problem in Liberia lies in the hands of voters, not politicians. Consistent with the Liberian Constitution, ordinary citizens have the power to reset, starting from scratch and take control of the country from politicians by setting the citizens’ platform and voting only for the candidate who support the citizens platform. The people, irrespective of their ethnicity, religion or literacy have supreme powers to constitute government as well as “the right to alter and reform” government solely on the basis of “their safety and happiness”. Article I: All power is inherent in the people. All free governments are instituted by their authority and for their benefit and they have the right to alter and reform the same when their safety and happiness so require. Why waste time making noise when you can make change simply by registering to vote only for change. WHat if 100,000 voters register? Will politicians looking for votes ignore the citizens agenda? What if one (1) million illiterate citizens who are not stupid to let their employee set their own salaries and benefits also register to vote only for change? No politician will ignore the platform of the citizens. That is why instead of celebrating 170 years of corruption, ritualistic killings and legalized theft, we are launching a new movement, Citizens Independence Movement ( to ensure that the citizens forget the politicians and as Masters register and vote for change beginning July 26, 2017. One by one, two by two and let’s make legalized theft a thing of the past.

  6. @Torli Krua. That’s the solution, you right on the money. If not implemented, many more will have to suffer, many more will have to die but don’t ask me why.

  7. So, there were no female journalists at the press conference. Koffa was only speaking to ‘NEWSMEN.” Anything goes here. When he was convicted for taking money from seniors in North Carolina, he said, he took the money to rebuild his country. I guess, he’s ready now to spend some of that stolen money. Your please stop joking with Lib.

    • Corruption is in the DNA of 99% of Liberians, so it doesn’t matter where they live in the world they’ll still steal and cheat other people to get ahead. Even your own family will steal from you if you entrust them with something of value. They say, “he’s my brother” so it’s okay to steal from him. That’s the Liberian way.

      • Phil, it started from the beginning of the country. It has become a tradition. Getting rid of a tradition requires time, education and serious legal ramifications for those found guilty. So, if you don’t punish someone who steals public funds, do you think others will be afraid? Even your own kids at home will be repeat offenders if you don’t punish them for bad behaviors. That’s why we still have CORRUPTION in high places in our country. That’s the way to fix it and our leaders know exactly what to do.

  8. Has the so-called CODE OF CONDUCT been redefined in its enforcement? Uninformed Editorial Writers must submit to this turned of events. I have given some informations and reasons why the so-called CODE OF CONDUCT was created in the first place. Now, due to the power of the FREE PRESS, the useless LAW has been nuturalized, weakened and may soon be dead. For examples, prior to the PRESS and FREELANCE WRITERS critical VIEWS of the LAW, it was mandated that any one holding an appointed POSITION must resign within (2) years period or more in order to be qualified to run or seek any ELECTED OFFICE. The BIG question is, why many UNITY Party appointed officials are now exiting President Sirleaf’s Administration so fast and seeking Elected Offices? Their urgent QUESTS FOR ELECTED POSITIONS do not fall within the mandate of the CODE OF CONDUCT. When will the public be informed on the current status of the CODE OF CONDUCT? WE WANT TO KNOW!!

  9. Do not put this old good for nothing in power. This shows you that 80% of our so call big shots cannot find a good job because most of them are not qualified. Only politics can feed them. Why do we recycle these old tired people. Vote the OUT and do not put any old crook in. Vote out all the useless politicians . Time for a new way. Cummings seem to fit the bill.

  10. The man called attorney Kofa is not shame.The man’s record is right here in the little town called Zebulon, North Carolina.

  11. NO one is willing to do any other work in Liberia but government work. Please do not get me wrong but we can do better than that. All these people are leaving their assigned duties to become representative. My question here is what is in this representative position? The people that you want to represent what have you done for them? I was in Liberia last December I wanted to travel to Grand Kru county I was told the road is not in good condition but whatsoever you have for the people you can send them by your brother. So I sent them by my brother Emmanuel S. NIMELY. Sir, you are an educated man, giving US$1000.00 for road construction cannot buy our people. Please keep your position that you are holding.

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