Speaker Urges “Audit” of Past Government

House Speaker Dr. Bhofal Chambers: "We are going to do proper due diligence so as so to make the people to have appreciation of the state of the country economy....And that is what we will do relentlessly."

Within just 42 days of sitting of the 54th Legislature and, amid sentiments expressed by some law makers echoing President Weah’s declared “broken economy and broke government”, the Speaker of the House of Representatives has disclosed that the Legislature would request for an audit to probe the  causes of the “broke government” after 12-years of the  Ellen Johnson Sirelaf Presidency.

President George M. Weah, the 54th Legislature inherited a broke government, of which the Central Bank of Liberia (CBL) has admittedly said as of January 22, 2018, it has as balance in the national coffers, US$5,637,941 and L$534,146,445 respectively.

In a rather strident tone, House’s Speaker Dr. Bhofal Chambers told journalists on Friday, March 2, that the “audit” would be like taking stock or an inventory of what happened that  led to the “money problem” as well as to take corrective measures.

“Basically we have to be able to take stock (audit); it’s something that is genuinely realistic. We are going to do proper due diligence so as so to make the people have appreciation of the state of the country economy,” Dr. Chambers said.

“It’s not witch-hunting, but it is just fair that accountability must be carried out and that’s the hallmark to make sure [of] things that occurred; and we will be able to know how those areas can be cleaned-up and how they can be corrected and we want the people to know that the Liberian people’s money is intended for the Liberian people.”

“And that is what we will do relentlessly,” Dr. Chambers indicated.

The Speaker’s statement followed an executive meeting with the CBL and the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning on the state of the country’s economy in which huge debts have been inherited, including civil servants salaries, the AFL pensions and widows, domestic debts and amongst others, are in the tone of over US$90m.

However, it’s expected that a formal communication will be written and discussed in the House’s Chambers where votes will be taken for the General Auditing Commission (GAC) or any anti-graft institutions to be mandated to audit the administration of President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, from 2005- 2017.

Meanwhile, Transparency International, through the Center for Transparency and Accountability of Liberia (CENTAL) has urged President Weah to prosecute past officials alleged to be corrupt.

Transparency International is a worldwide organization that aims to stop corruption and promote transparency, accountability and integrity at all levels and across all sectors of society.

Also, The Institute for Research and Democratic Development (IREDD) has told President Weah to not allow officials of government who have caused serious financial loss and perpetuated economic crimes against the state to go with impunity.

IREDD Executive Director, Harold M. Aidoo, said the desperation and expectations of many Liberians are improved health care, quality education, access to basic social services for all, as well as the institution of social justice and rooting out corruption.

He added: “The President, His Excellency George M. Weah must demonstrate his commitment and seriousness to fight against corruption by setting up a Fast Track Economic Crimes Court to put on trial officials of government and all individuals who have embezzled state funds, committed economic crimes and caused financial loss to the state of Liberia.”


  1. It is a fine thing to do but officials of government are good for saying things that they cant do.And i want to recommend to Hon.speaker that this audit should not be only the executive branch that all of the government ministries and agencies but the Legislature and judiciary branch of government as well.

  2. It’s very good to do an audit. But, if Johnson-Sirleaf or former government employees of hers are found guilty, what would be the consequence? In other words, what would the Lower House members recommend as a punishment If widespread theft occured? If the Lower House members are interested in doing an audit for no other reason, they might as well talk, shout and get drunk. If punishment is meted on criminals, would-be criminals will think twice before committing another crime. So, it’s good to audit all the members of Johnson-Sirleaf’s government, including Johnson-Sirleaf herself. If some are found guilty of embezzlement, the loot should be retrieved by all means. The culprits’ next bed room should be in a jail cell.

  3. The past government was running on money from taxes, fees and royalties so this current government is telling us they are not collecting taxes, fees and royalties?

  4. Excellent Idea Hon, Dr. Chambers; the first place to begin your proposed AUDIT, should be the LEGISLATIVE branch of the Liberian Government. Please Sir, be honest with your findings. I’ve always felt that one reason why Liberia is broke today, is because of EXTRAVAGANCIES at the very top of the Liberian Government. Legislators are compensated much too high; by comparison to others. Let’s remendy that problem first. Kind Regards!

  5. Speaker Bhofal Chambers is a man of principles and I hope he will be able to bring some sanity to the House of Representative so Liberians can have faith again. The only way our country will ever succeed is if we are true to ourselves. It means we need to make sure we are doing the right thing by the country and if people are not behaving ethically, we should sanction them and make sure they never again be employed in government. we have a long, long way to go to reach an advanced civilization status so we may as well start now. But we will never reach the promise land if we don’t reflect, and act with humility.

  6. Another important thing this Speaker should get the house to sifter. Medical doctors are looking for deadly diseases but not finding remedy to these sicknesses. For example, the native doctor now in charge to help the Ministry of health NT ain’t worth the salt he eats since the past administration. The areas are not yet sanitized. Country rats coming to town giving fever to the people and even have killed some. This doctor should leave, be placed in research or be fired. The country Minister of Health should get rid of or quarantine all the mouses to be killed or sanitized by these doctors otherwise they will start killing the doctors themselves too. Call these doctors to chambers to explain immediately, as it is emergency. Telling you in Liberian. Do something now. Otherwise this V.P. will not leave the country and this speaker will need to start some kind of impeachment warning on her or her head. Cape Palmas is not exempted. WE MUST MAKE SANITIZING THE FIRST PRIORITY. The reboes and their wives killed up all those people during the war, left dead bodies lying around in the bush and in town for the rats, and bats to eat and bring deadly diseases. The last administration did nothing to sanitize. EBOLA came. Now the fever want to start. If this country President cannot hear, and make health first, the Bible says “he that hath an ear, let him hear.” The silent majority says so. Let the people know. Do not reply my box.
    Gone to silence.

  7. This married President and his unmarried Vice President got 6 years to answer the People. Otherwise they will not go back in the Nation’s Chair. As long as the Liberian Nation becomes healthy again, the people will flow the budget accrued. All 20 candidates who promised the Liberian people in the last election are not exempted. They will not be turn loose. They will have to meet their promises to the people they promised. The President is not the only one who had a platform and promised. They will not get away any more without being responsible for the trouble or success of the land. Follow our past and present constitution understanding them well before you amend any more words. Remember tyranny came in between with military junta, war, and dictatorship and stealing functions and funds(corruption). Do you Understand what the forefathers, founders, meant by “UPHOLD THE LAWS?”(CONSTITUTION)? If so or if not, than why are we not beginning to sifter the first? 85% illiterate can’t even understand the first set in various dialects yet, the 15% who say they know book, all looking for position and money, trying to fool their own people to bring redundant issues to steal functions and some more of our money. This will not work.
    The Liberian Government does not worry about cash. CBL is enacted to supply cash based on accruals. If the appointed in charge of Government funding cannot write, see or hear that the people of Liberia will supply the work=force X distance, move them and replace them with the capable, as we go. This nation can no longer afford the past stress, strain, and misfortunes, and hurts. Maintaining the people’s allotments appropriately with the most important priority will curb the corruption we all dislike. So start now or face the consequences and power of the silent majority. The Liberian people must know. Do not answer this box.
    Gone to silence too.


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