Speaker Tyler Assures of ‘Popular Views’ in Constitutional Change


House Speaker Alex Tyler has said that the Legislature will not condone propositions from the Constitution Review Committee (CRC) that infringe on the rights of the minority, arguing that the country belongs to the majority as well as the minority.

Speaker Tyler said the House of Representatives, in their scrutiny of the 25 proposals from the CRC based on the views of Liberians in the 73 districts as well as from the Diasporas, will validate those deemed appropriate in coordination with the CRC.

“The House of Representatives in their scrutiny will have to look at those issues that are policy matters, statutory matters, and constitutional matters,” Speaker Tyler said.

“The issue of the currency is not expected to be treated as a constitutional matter because the probability and possibility of new currencies in world economies or regional economies could be introduced. When this eventually takes place, the complications of constitutional amendments would offer additional challenge to the nation.”

The Speaker made the remarks yesterday during the formal opening of the five-day retreat on the Proposed Amendment to the 1986 Constitution, attended by 35 lawmakers.

The Speaker noted that it is expected that experts championing thematic areas would guide the Legislature in making decisions that are sound and progressive to bring sound solutions to national problems.

Amid the recent four-month extension from August 27 to December 27, 2015, Speaker Tyler urged the Executive to extend the mandate of the CRC to provide the opportunity for the Committee to assist in guiding and interpreting the remaining processes.

Speaker Tyler commended the CRC for the scrupulous implementation of their mandate which led to the gathering of views from the 73 electoral districts and the Diaspora as well as the holding of the National Constitutional Conference in Gbarnga, Bong County.

He indicated that the Legislature has the constitutional duty to amend the constitution either generated by it or from a submission of 10,000 signatures from citizens, but that the consultations conducted by the CRC should be respected, though there are some reservations.

Meanwhile, according to the retreat agenda, Cllr. Alfred Brownell, Cllr. Nevada Ricks and Cllr. Tiawon Gongloe, are expected to lecture the lawmakers today.


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