Speaker Nuquay Clarifies Story


By Abednego Davies

House Speaker Emmanuel Nuquay has reacted to a front-page story of the Daily Observer claiming that he has never called for the relaxation of the implementation of the Code of Conduct.

This newspaper, in its Friday, June 2 edition, published a front-page story titled, “President, Speaker Want Code of Conduct Relaxed.”

Nuquay did not challenge the actual content of the story, but referred to its headline as ‘sensational.’

The newspaper story carried remarks made by the Speaker at the recent meeting of political parties and state actors at the Monrovia City Hall.

In a release yesterday, Nuquay said, “We reject and condemn the newspaper’s story as it lacks any iota of truth,” adding, “At no time has Speaker Nuquay called for the relaxation of the implementation of the Code of Conduct.”

The release quoted Speaker Nuquay as saying, “When a legal instrument is passed by the legislature, signed into law by the President, challenged by some citizens and interpreted by the Supreme Court as constitutional, it becomes a law of the land and it behooves all Liberians and those within our borders to respect it.”

For the benefit of the public, the document said, “The Daily Observer reporter wrote on behalf of the legislature, which many have accused of inserting the controversial section 5 in the CoC to ban other government officials from contesting the elections.”

Speaker Emmanuel Nuquay said every Liberian needs to be given the opportunity to participate in the electoral process and given the chance to be heard. “We want to commit ourselves as lawmakers to this process by ensuring that these elections are free, fair, peaceful and inclusive.”

Speaker Nuquay said he pointed out that “Peace is indispensable to our democracy and peaceful elections are not new phenomenon in Liberia as there have been several elections since the return of our country to democratic governance. We want to commit ourselves as lawmakers to this process by ensuring that these elections are free, fair, peaceful and inclusive.”

Meanwhile, Speaker Nuquay asked, “Why should a call for peaceful election amounts to relaxing the implementation of the Code of Conduct? Perhaps, the Daily Observer and its overzealous reporter misconstrued the meaning and the contextualization of the word ‘inclusive.’

“Our Constitution guarantees the political participation of all Liberians,” he maintained.  “However, not all Liberians are eligible to vote; only those who have attained the age of 18. Not all Liberians run for representative, senatorial, presidential or vice presidential positions; only Liberians who meet certain age requirements can do so.

“Similarly, the Speaker’s call for an inclusive election does not in any way amount to a call for the relaxation of the Code of Conduct,” he said.  “Speaker Nuquay believes in the rule of law and always stands on the side of the law,” the released noted.

The Daily Observer welcomes the Speaker’s reaction.  While he did not use the word ‘relaxed’ with regard to the Code of Conduct, the context in which he spoke, including the heated debate among political parties over the controversial ‘Section 5’ of the CoC at the event, led us to the headline we chose. A question mark (?), which should have appeared at the end of the headline in question, was inadvertently, regrettably omitted.  The headline was intended to read thus: “President, Speaker Want Code of Conduct Relaxed?” To this question, the Speaker’s reaction has indicated a resounding “no.” Therefore, we consider the matter closed.


  1. Thank you Daily Observer for doing the honorable thing by way of the apology. Since the honorable speaker is denying that the conference was not intended to compromise the laws of Liberia then what was the purpose of that conference?

    The requirement and conduct for both voters and candidates are addressed by our laws and no conference should change It without the proper channel, some of us watching.

  2. Don’t mind ELLEN’S puppet Nuquay sumersaulting prompted by THE BLAST from the public! Weren’t it the same drama with that other Ellen’s puppet Amos Sawyer when he said the very law should be “INAPPLICABLE” in order to accommodate his friend Mills Jones and ELLEN’S Karnweay and Alex Cummings?

    If Nuquay Weren’t calling for the relaxation or inapplicability of the law then WHY did he make such utterances which by all implications mean relaxation or inapplicability of the law!!

    THEY thought they were being smart, but now they know they were just been foolish to relax or make inapplicable a law ruled as constitutional by THE SUPREME COURT!!!

    • The COC does not apply to Cummings. His position at BWI was more humanitarian. Also, I think a stronger legal argument can be made that the COC does not apply to the vice presidential candidates. They could not have formed any intent to run for office until they were asked by the Presidential candidates. It therefore is impossible for them to have known they would be running for office two to three years in advance in order to resign. Most of them were just asked this year to be running mates.

      • Cummings is affected because he accepted a presidential appointment and with benefits, don’t be deceived. Also intent or no intent those vice guys are in violation, you can go to court and argue it.

  3. “Because his appointment was humanitarian”. “They could not have formed any intent to run”. NO WONDER!

  4. Mr. Speaker, thanks for clarifying dis ting oh becuz it was nar lookin goo for you oh. Are we gowin to hear fron The Madam also?

  5. For me, I knew very well that Speaker Nuquay will not be an independent
    member and Speaker of the House of Representatives. Why? Because,
    the moment he was elected Speaker, he ran to President Ellen Johnson-
    Sirleaf private home to inform her that he had been elected Speaker. He
    forgot or may be he felt that he was not a Speaker material. Or may be
    he felt Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf is his mother instead of running to his
    natural mother and father to tell them that.

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