Speaker Excused for ‘Sick Leave’


House Speaker J. Alex Tyler Sr. has been excused to seek ‘medical treatment’ outside the country for six weeks on the heels of his decision to recuse himself.

The House Plenary hesitantly made the decision yesterday following heated disagreement among lawmakers about the Speaker’s decision and described the reason for his request as ‘fake’; while others said it was ‘authentic.’ This took place on the House’s first unified session in the
Joint Chambers since the parallel session on Thursday, August 11.

Tyler’s letter was accepted when Deputy Speaker Hans Barchue seized the argument and sounded his gavel – which broke, due to an “absurd rage” – allowing Tyler to seek medical treatment.

“I present my compliments and inform you that I will be travelling out of the country for my medical checkup, which is overdue,” said the Speaker in the letter to his Deputy.

“I will be leaving on Tuesday, September 6, and shall be away for approximately six weeks. This letter serves as my excuse from Plenary. Kindly accept my sentiments of high esteem,” Tyler said.

The Speaker’s sick-leave provoked an argument that ‘he is under investigation’ by the Committee on Rules, Order and Administration for several charges, including calling them surrogates, accusing his colleagues of receiving bribes from the Chief Executive, and bringing thugs to the Capitol to taunt them, among others.

Reps. George Mulbah, Henry Fahnbulleh, Bill Tweahway and others, who were part of the Anti-Tyler Lawmakers, led a campaign to reject the Speaker’s sick-leave.

However, other lawmakers, including Reps. Jefferson Kanmoh, Corpu Barclay, Byron Zeahweah and all those who supported him argued that the excuse must be granted.

Meanwhile, the House Plenary formally endorsed the ‘Recusal of Speaker Tyler’ during its Tuesday session, due to another letter to the Deputy Speaker and Members of the House of Representatives from Speaker Tyler.

“I present my compliments and [am] pleased to inform you of my decision to recuse myself from presiding over the Plenary Session of the House of Representatives.

“It is my hope that during this period, Mr. Deputy Speaker, you will work with the Leadership of the House and all our colleagues in fostering the National Development Agenda. I shall avail myself at anytime if my advice is required,” the Speaker wrote.

However, Sergeant-at-Arms Brigadier General Martin T. Johnson was formally suspended for two months for gross insubordination to the House Plenary. According to a report, the Sergeant-at-Arms was accused of blatantly and insultingly rejecting the order of the ‘unconstitutional’ parallel session during the internal conflict.


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