Sources: DJ Blue Still Hopeful for Montserrado County Senate Seat

Bernard Benson, also known as 'DJ Blue': “While I will not be a candidate, I will not be silent either."

Sources close to celebrity disc jockey, Bernard Benson (alias DJ Blue) has confirmed speculations that the media mogul intends to run for the Montserrado senate seat, which became vacant after the death of senator Geraldine Doe-Sheriff earlier this month.

“It is true that Mr. Benson intends to run again and will definitely announce his candidacy very soon. He is 95 percent there,” said a source close to the campaign-in-preparation.

In recent days, another source said, Mr. Benson has been strengthening his grass-roots support for activists and influential figures before he can make an announcement about the future.

“It is just a matter of time before he makes known his intention to the public,” the source added.

Mr. Benson, popularly known as DJ Blue, shocked his political opponents during last year’s senatorial by-election when he came second to Saah H. Joseph of the Coalition for Democratic Change. Saah Joseph won with 54.8% of the total number of ballots cast against Benson, who got 20.4%.

Benson, 35, says his quest to become a senator is borne out of his desire to fight for people with talent in the film, art, music and movie and other creative disciplines through policies like zero interest loan scheme to help them monetize and uplift their careers.

Since 2005, CDC has won the county’s two senate seats and almost all the representative seats in the county.

Master Queen, an aide to Mr. Benson, confirmed sources’ information that the media mogul and owner of HOTT FM and TV will definitely be one of the many candidates in the upcoming Montserrado Country senatorial by-elections.

“The fact here is that Mr. Benson is one of the clear favorites to win this election, judging from his performance during last year by-elections.

“The media mogul is just coming off from a great campaign and has a solid grass root structure in place. One of the advantages he has over the other guys is that he has campaigned in all of the districts in Montserrado; thereby expanding his political brand and name recognition,” Master Queen said.

Article 37 of the Liberian Constitution states that in the event of a vacancy in the Legislature caused by death, resignation, and expulsion or otherwise, the presiding officer will within 30 days notify the Elections Commission, which will announce the holding of the by-election, provided that such vacancy occurs within a 90-day period.

With more and more candidates getting into the race, Benson’s popularity with youth and strong support from musicians and other celebrities is a boost to his candidacy, which puts him in a better position to win this by-election.

The other policy areas on which Mr. Benson intends to focus, according to sources, include legislation to set up a standard pay structure across the country both in the public and private sectors as well as a national pay structure for senior-level government officials.

Incorporating such a new policy would put Mr. Benson in a better position to win over some voters who have accused him of caring only about the creative sector, and not other mainstream issues.

When asked about whether he will contest the upcoming by-election, Mr. Benson has only said it is something that he has been thinking of and will make his decision known as soon as possible.

“I cannot tell you yes or no but will let the general public know about my decision regarding the upcoming election very soon. The decision I will make will be a positive one, because we have to end what we started. But the time should be right before we do that.

“It’s my goal to improve the life of ordinary Liberians through the creative and tourism industries and to create a thriving middle-class sector in the country,” the media mogul said.


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