Soul Clinic Ebola Infected Residents Want Ebola Training

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Soul Clinic Community residents in Paynesville have urgently appealed to charity entities and global health partners to initiate some sensitive hygiene trainings in their community.

The residents’ appeal comes in the wake of suspected, probable and confirmed cases of more than 23 Ebola virus deaths for the past three weeks in the densely populated Paynesville Community.

The citizens and residents through the community leadership headed by Mr. Jonathan Enders sounded the appeal in an official encounter with the executives of Alfalit-Liberia and the Liberia/Ghana Missions (LGM) last week.

During the one and half hours of interactive discussions with the leadership of Alfalit-Liberia and LGM, Mr. Enders pointed out that some initiatives have been put in place to sensitize the citizens and residents about the deadly Ebola virus plaguing the nation and its people.

He also underscored the need for building of solid structures such as hand washing reservoirs in densely concentrated entry points to the Soul Clinic Community in Paynesville last week.

Chairman Enders also intimated that the majority of citizens and residents of the Soul Clinic Community are very low income earners and are unable to buy the critical sanitation materials being recommended by health workers in the country.

The Soul Clinic Community also stressed the need for the citizens and residents to at all times observe and practice all rules and regulations regarding dead bodies of infected Ebola virus victims in the area.

He further called on Liberians and global partners to consider a program that will critically address the tracing and tracking steps of suspected, probable and confirmed cases of the Ebola virus in the various communities in and outside Monrovia.

Chairman Enders regretted that up to now many Liberians are still carrying the deadly Ebola virus due to the fact that several of the holding and treatment centers have been overwhelmed and some decisions have been reached to treat patients at their various homes.

He further described the situation at the Soul Clinic Community in Paynesville as grim, worrisome and grave that needs the swift and urgent interventions of health workers and other supporting global partners.

Chairman Enders stressed that the currently established centers should be proactive in terms of collecting and burying of Ebola virus infected bodies in “hard to reached” communities in Monrovia and its environs.

In closing, Chairman Enders thanked the Alfalit-Liberia and LGM staff for their initial pledge to assist the Soul Clinic Community with the critically needed sanitation materials and awareness component of the Ebola virus crisis in the country.

In brief response, Alfalit-Liberia and LGM Director Rev. Emmanuel J. Giddings pledged the provision of sanitation materials and the construction of entry points’ hand washing reservoirs for the Soul Clinic Community in Paynesville.

Director Giddings also assured the citizens and residents that some programs would be designed to enhance and sustain awareness and teaching on the proper use of the sanitation and health kits.


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