SOS for Girl, 5

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The Executive Director and founder of HealthPage Liberia Inc., Ms. Charlesetta N. Williams, is sending out an SOS for a five year old girl, Kebbeh Taylor, who has been diagnosed with “Upper Airway Obstruction” due to a ‘Retropharyngeal Mass.’

An upper airway obstruction is when a blockage occurs in the upper airway of one’s respiratory system, which consists of the trachea, larynx or voice box, and throat. A blockage in one’s airway could prevent one’s body from getting enough oxygen.

According to Ms. Williams, little Kebbeh needs Computed Tomography Angiography (CT angiography or CTA), which is a technique used to visualize arterial and venous vessels throughout the body.

Unfortunately, for the five year old and her parents, this medical procedure cannot be performed in Liberia at the moment and so the caregiver has launched an appeal to humanitarians and philanthropists to help save Kebbeh’s life.

Ms. Williams, whose HealthPage has taken many sick kids abroad for a variety of medical treatments, told this newspaper that Kebbeh was admitted at the JFK on April 15, re-admitted on June 12, 2016, and has since been at the hospital.

“In July, Healthpage Liberia Inc. was contacted by Kebbeh’s uncle in search of medical help,” Ms. Williams said. “She is being cared for by her elder sister, as her mother is also not feeling well. When I spoke to her mother, she said that it all started in March 2016 with a sore throat; and then it got worse. They visited ELWA and when Kebbeh’s condition didn’t improve, they went to JFK where she presently is.”

Her organization wants to airlift the girl to Accra, Ghana, for medical care. According to Ms. Williams, Kebbeh is “in good spirit and is clinically stable” to travel by air. Anyone wishing to help may contact 0886-531797 or 0777-026357.

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