Son Charged with Attempted Murder


A 26 year old man who allegedly set fire to his father’s house in an attempt to kill the father, Robert Coleman, yesterday appeared at the Monrovia City Court to exonerate himself from multiple charges.

Defendant Morrison Coleman   has been charged with the commission of arson, criminal attempt to commit murder and terroristic threats.

The incident occurred on March 21 in the Bardnersville community outside Monrovia.

Defendant Morrison was later remanded to the Monrovia Central Prison to await trial on the grounds that some of his crimes were non-bailable offences.

The fire, according to police, burned the Coleman’s three bedroom house and destroyed properties worth over US$3K.

It was not disclosed what was responsible for the defendant’s action to allegedly attempt to kill his father and other family members on the night of March 21.

According to court documents, defendant Morrison, who fled the scene shortly after realizing that the house was on fire, told police he did not care whether his father had died in the process.

The defendant further told police that he had previously contemplated burning his father’s home.

The court released a document that is believed to be Morrison‘s account of what happened on March 21.

In that document, Morrison, who did not live with his father, told police that on the night of March 21 at 12 midnight he went to his father’s Barnersville residence with the intention of setting it on fire.

 However, the record states that when he arrived he met his little sister, identified as Brenda Coleman, standing on the porch.

He then decided to walk around the community and when he came back Brenda had gone to bed.

Eventually,  the document added, Morrison began to throw stones on top of the roof  and thereafter, he  went to his father’s window, where he saw him lying on his bed with a cell phone to his hear.

He confessed that he moved to the boys’ window and when he noticed that his brothers were not there, he immediately tore the screen and set the curtain to the window on fire.

The record further alleges that the defendant forwarded a threatening text message to his father through a GSM phone number 0770638170, using the name Bernard T. Ansumana, saying “Be careful because you will cry soon again.”

In his complaint to police, Robert Coleman alleged that on March 21 at about 1:30 a.m., he heard a sound like a heavy object falling on the roof of his house, and when he got up to observe he noticed a strange movement of someone around the house.

He further alleged that when he tried to enter his boys’ room to monitor what was happening outside of the house, he saw the window curtain on fire.

He alleged that he immediately went to his daughter Brenda’s room and woke her up.

Because of the intensity of the fire, Coleman further alleged that he and his daughter ran for safety without taking anything from the house.

 The trial continues.


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