“Something Happened in Paris!”


Yes indeed, that is where this happy and content couple met—38 years ago, through the kind invitation of H.E. Neh Dukuly Tolbert, the Liberian Ambassador to France at the time. Amb. Tolbert had met young Adolphus During in The Hague, The Netherlands, where he was studying Diplomacy, and invited him to visit her at the Embassy in Paris. He gratefully accepted and the following Christmas, 1977, found his way to the glittering French capital.

Visiting the Embassy, too, at the kind invitation of Ambassador Tolbert, was a lovely young Liberian lady named Oretha Worrell. It turned out to be an extraordinary reliving of Sidney Poitier and Esther Anderson’s classic 1973 movie, “A Warm December.”
As Ambassador During, also now Apostle During, vividly recalled the story during their 35th wedding anniversary celebration at the Soul Cleansing Clinic of Jesus Christ (SCCJC) last Sunday, it was for the him and Oretha the most wonderful Christmas they had ever had!

“Something happened in Paris!” the Apostle, with great excitement, told the audience, as his bride of 35 years, Sister Oretha, dressed from head to toe in an exquisite, gold attire, beamed a smile of blissful reminiscence (memories).
“We were married three years later, on May 24, 1980, but I have known this woman for 38 years in all!” Dr. During told the cheering church.

A large crowd turned out to join the couple in a thanksgiving service in the church in Chocolate City, Gardnersville shepherded by the couple. Of course, seated right up front was the Ambassador herself, Madam Neh Dukuly, along with long-time friend, Mrs. Kartumu Boakai, wife of the Vice President, and Education Minister Etmonia Tarpeh. Others attending the service were Counselor and Mrs. Charles Brumskine; former Planning and Economic Affairs Minister Amelia Ward, Senior Elder of SCCJC; Providence Baptist Senior Pastor Samuel Reeves; Love Center Ministries Senior Pastor, the Rev. Eric Gbogar, who preached a spellbinding sermon; Observer publisher and Mrs. Kenneth Y. Best and many other distinguished personalities.

Several of the guests paid glowing compliments to the couple and thanked them for their great ministry of prayer, prophecy and encouragement to many, some of whom had been in deep distress or had almost lost hope. The couple was also highly commended for their outreach to many children who otherwise had nowhere else to turn for succor and upbringing.

The church’s dynamic choir thrilled the audience with several spirit-filled renditions.
Following the service, the couple threw a sumptuous lunch for all present. Mother During whispered to the Daily Observer that the lunch was all arranged through the kind courtesy of a dear friend and admirer.


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