NTA Community Youth Threaten to Block Somalia Drive Monday

St. Margaret School at NTA Community, in which in front stands the light pole without transformer

… Over 5 months lack of electricity

The flow of traffic on the ever busy and traffic prone Somalia Drive Freeway will be brought to a total standstill on Monday if what residents of NTA Community residents, opposite Chicken Factory is anything to go by.

The residents are currently planning a massive protest on Monday morning over what they termed as the absence of electricity in the area for over five months now.

The Daily Observer has gathered that the Community’s transformer spoiled since early March and has been taken to the Liberia Electricity Corporation (LEC) for repair which  caused the community to live in shred of darkness for more than 150 days.

In the process of taking off the transformer, the light poke got broken.

The chairman of the NTA Community Watch Team, Gabriel Saydee, popularly known as G-money or G-million, said they have resolved after a week-long meeting and consultations to barricade the roads with rocks, cooking utensils and burning tyres.”

“We have negotiated for five months and paid up to  US$1,000 for our transformer to be repaired and  brought  back to our community, but up to now it hasn’t been delivered.”

Gabriel added:” Only the light pole has been returned, but the whereabouts of the transformer is still unknown.”

“A Specialized Committee was appointed, headed by Mr. Fofana, but all their efforts resulted to nothing. We are tired sleeping in the darks, we want our transformer back — or better still we want a bigger transformer,” Gabriel said.

Community members claimed they have been patience and decided not to protest like other communities’ members but have to change their decision because of the  failed negotiations and frantic efforts over  the past  months.

Madam Pauline Wiah, one of the community members, told the Daily Observer that they have told their lawmaker, Montserrado County District #12 Representative George Samah, as well as Montserrado County Senators Darius Dillon and Saah Hm Joseph, but have only made “promises.”

Madam Wiah said they believed a “road block” will serve as a reminder of their appeals to their District Representative and Senators, because they too, are LIBERIANS.

Three community members who begged to be anonymous said the transformer is spoiled after been repaired, while another said the transformer only need to be heating but the remaining one said it needs hearing and water and if it is fixed, it won’t be able to serve the community because the voltage has dropped.

Some of the prominent persons who are residing in the NTA community include Bishop and Mrs. Samuel Dunbar of Liberty Christian Center, Amb. Robert Lormia, political journalist William Harmon among others.

However, Mr. Lormia has distanced himself from the planned demonstration, saying that even though there are delays in restoring electricity to the community, he and others are actively engaging the relevant authorities to ensure that the utility service is restored.

The NTA Community’s transformer serves the community, including the headquarters  of the National Transit Authority (NTA), some parts of Zinc Camp as well as some parts of Kessely Boulevard and LPRC Junction Communities.


  1. Please edit your news before posting it. there lots of mistakes in the spellings. Thanks for your hard work and I appreciate your efforts.

  2. So blocking roads is the norm for settling grievances in Liberia?This is completely disgusting and counter to our development drive

  3. Thanks for the informatio, DO. We as citizens living in Gardnersville may find it difficult tomorrow to move to go to redlight and town using the Somalia drive. Normally, there is huge traffic on that road. What will happen if the youth take into the street? My appeal is for them to continue the peaceful talk with proper authorities of LEC and relax the proyest for now.

  4. For me I think that’s the only way to get things done around here. Because LEC will not fixed that transformer untill the pressure is on they back…… how come we as Liberian have come this far by protesting before things be done hmmmmmmm………

  5. I used to live in Liberia and although I love my people, I was sadly disappointed in the infrastructure and the plight of the school system, etc. However I do believe that not only should the NTA Community protest but other fellow Liberias as well. Don’t allow it to be an isolated incident. Shame these people have had to live for 5 months without electricity! And as an black American, I am also sorry that we have not invested more in a country that was settled by freed slaves. We must come together as one and not allow economic classification to determine how we deal with eachother. Because in the end we should all be our brother’s keeper.

  6. Private citizens of a community must go and negotiate or lobby by contributing $1,000 for their transformer to be repaired and brought back, what a disillusionment! How can you sleep as a president to see a community in the heart of your capital go 5 months without electricity?
    What are the FIXES or the onset of the FIXES you promised the people then?
    Maybe the word “FIX” has a new connotation in Liberia; our time to steal too!


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