Soltiamon School Proprietor, Dean Jailed

Soltiamon Christian School officials, Joah Sr. and Joah Jr., being led by court staff to the Monrovia Central Prison.

… For aggravated assault and criminal facilitation

Soltiamon School System Proprietor Solomon Joah Sr. and his son, Solomon Joah Jr., Dean of Student Affairs, were both sent to the Monrovia Center Prison on July 2, 2019, having been charged with aggravated assault and criminal facilitation.

Judge Kennedy Peabody of the Monrovia City Court ordered the incarceration of Joah Jr. and his father at the Monrovia Central Prison for severely flogging a 16-year-old female 10th grade student of the institution, who Joah Jr. claimed was seen roaming the school’s corridor without access pass.

The two were ordered jailed because they failed to file bond, even though the crime of aggravated assault is a bailable offense. Until the duo can filed their bonds, they are likely to remain in jail.

The student said she took advantage of her free class period to go downstairs to a friend to borrow sanitary pad after she noticed that hers, which she needed to change, had finished.

She said on her way back to class, she met Joah Jr., who asked her why she was out of class and she explained, but he insisted he wanted to see the sanitary pad to establish whether she was saying the truth, which she did.

The student alleged that Joah Jr. after the first 65 lashes, he said she disrespected him by not crying so he ordered that they hold her again for another 65 lashes, an allegation which the Joah although denied.

Joah Jr. however expressed regrets over his action, but clarified that 130 lashes are an exaggeration of the facts.

Solomon Joah, Sr. described the affected student as a ‘rude student,’ who he said always violated the rules of the school.

He said his son was just trying to discipline a rude student who, instead of showing the approved document (access pass) of the institution, lied in the process, saying she came out for her sanitary pad.

While Solomon Joah, Sr. stood behind his son, Mmonbeydo N. Joah-Harrell a Women’s Rights Advocate and a sister to Joah Jr., took a different position.  “As a person with a firm conviction and belief in human rights, I made it clear that I would support the quest for justice for the victim in this matter. I have not wavered on that point,” she said in a Facebook post.

“I wish to clarify that while Soltiamon Christian School System is owned and operated by my family, I am an independent person with my own views and culpability for my own actions. I asked not to be tagged and questioned for the actions of another person who in this case, despite being my brother, is a full-grown adult and who has long since crossed the age of reason.”

She said violence is violence regardless of the perpetrator and this situation is about rights and not relationships. “Hence, I condemn all forms of violence meted out against women and girls, including this one,” Mrs. Joah-Harrell said.

Authorities at the Ministry of Education recommended that Solomon Joah, Jr., Dean of Student Affairs at Soltiamon School System be barred from working at the school as well as from the teaching in Liberia. The ministry additionally fined the institution L$350,000 payable into government revenue with the official revenue receipt submitted to the office of the Deputy Minister for Administration on or before July 5, 2019.

The ministry said the behavior of Joah Jr. was inhumane and a disrespect to the series of awareness of the regulations as reiterated in the Ministry’s 2018/2019 academic calendar, banning “corporal punishment such as beating, caning or any form of punishment that will cause physical and moral injury to a student, which the administrator in question did not adhere.”

The Ministry also ordered that cost of medical treatment incurred by the parents of the victim be re-funded by the SCS’ Administration with receipt of the refund is submitted to the office of the Deputy Minister for Administration as evidence that the refund has been made and the institution further submit its student handbook and teachers and administration handbook for approval by the Ministry.


  1. Bye the way, how can people who claimed to self-godliness, through the establishment of a ‘christian academy’ behave in such diabolic or extreme cruel manner. This act and many other ungodly attitudes of many Liberians is proving me absolutely right when I once expressed in the ‘chronical daily’ that, most Liberians are bunch of hypocrites who only have God on their lips, coming from their mouths and not hearts. I believe strongly in rational disciplines, but such a nonsensical brutality is far from logical restric tion and highly merits jail and financial punish- ments. I sincerely hope and recommend that such a precedent be set on government officials, let’s say on all voluntary ‘law breakers’; and mainly when it has to do with the intimacy of a female or male Liberian. In other words, I meant to confirm my reality that, ‘any society in which impunity is tradition of the people, like our own, is damned and doomed in advance to instability, insecurity and auto-destruction. I do of course have no or little trust in the Liberian/ man made codes of justice, but I must applaud the judge who convicted the Deans! //Gonyanue Blah

  2. Points of self–correction: Excuse my typical mistakes _ I meant to write by, but wrote bye, restrictions, but an hyphen is to be ignored and punishments should not be carrying an hyphen.
    Thanks for your understanding! //Gonyanue

  3. That’s the behavior of our so-called ‘men of god’. Religion is a very dangerous thing to play with. We shroud ourselves in the comfort of hypocrisy, and treat our fellow human being like animals. As if, if one dies, he/she will be judged by his god with the consent and approval of the Liberian people.

    Nonsense! Take your religion. Give me science, technology and quality education.

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