Solidaridad West Africa Regional Director Pleased with Interventions in Liberia


Isaac Gyamfi, the Regional Director of Solidaridad West Africa, has described his institution’s programs in Liberia as impactful and heartwarming after he completed a tour to major projects sites in Liberia.

A release from Solidaridad-Liberia states that Gyamfi, along with other members from the Regional Management Team of Solidaridad West Africa, visited intervention areas including Centers for Cocoa Development (CCDs), Farmers Field Schools (FFS), offices of private sector partners, and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Bong and Nimba counties, respectively.

The tour followed the launch of the Cocoa Rehabilitation and Intensification Program (CORIP), the Sustainable West Africa Oil Palm Programme (SWAPP), two different million-dollar programmes launched in Liberia in July.

“It was obvious that Solidaridad’s work is improving the wellbeing of farmers, a situation that is heartwarming,” Gyamfi said. “By making profits from their farms, farmers can live in better homes and send their children to better schools. As change agents, it is our responsibility to make this happen.”

The release also said that communities who received Gyamfi and his team expressed their appreciation for Solidaridad’s programmes in Liberia. Farmers, particularly, thanked Gyamfi and his team for introducing hybrid-cocoa and best farming practices in cocoa and oil palm production. Laurine Cooper, a 22-year-old oil-palm farmer who inherited 10 acres of oil palm farm from her father, said before the SWAPP intervention, her farm was covered with bush, and she only went there to harvest the palm fruits. But her approach has changed. As a beneficiary of the SWAPP, Solidaridad has provided her with training and she is practicing Best Management Practices (BMP) on one hectare of her farm and hopes to extend this to cover the remaining portion.

“I can see the difference. Now my farm is well managed. I am proud of myself and I look forward to better yields.” Laurine said.

Solidaridad’s work in Liberia forms part of the organization’s approach to bring sustainable solutions to improve supply chains and better the lives and wellbeing of farmers and producers, as well as their communities.
In West Africa, Solidaridad’s work focuses on sustainable cocoa production, sustainable oil palm, and palm oil production, responsible artisanal gold mining, food and nutrition security, gender and inclusive development, youth-focused support for agricultural transformation, climate and landscape innovations and land tenure and land governance.


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