Sokopa VR Center Reopens


Following yesterday’s land dispute which reportedly disrupted the ongoing voter registration (VR) process in Sokopa Town, Nimba County, there are reports that the situation has subsided and that the registration process has recommenced.

While the report says the voter registration centers have reopened, the Daily Observer has reliably learnt that the only public school in the town is closed.

Nimba County Acting Superintendent David Dorr Cooper confirmed the reopening of the VR center, adding that his office has encouraged the residents to return to their various homes and to register to vote.

Mr. Cooper said school and other public places that were closed down due to the intensity of the land conflict will reopen today, Friday.

“The situation has ended and so the residents who fled into the bushes are returning, while the VR process has also resumed,” added Archie Mahn, principal of the community’s only public school.

He assured students and parents that school will reopen today, Friday, because the dispute has subsided.

On Wednesday, Mr. Cooper put a halt to the disputed survey that led to shots being fired and one person injured. He asked all parties to exercise restraint as the local authority is doing everything to bring the situation to an amicable end.

Mr. Cooper condemned the dispute and said the survey order that inflamed the conflict was done without the knowledge of the county authority.

On Monday, January 6, the Soko family allegedly brought in a survey order from Monrovia to survey some portions of the farmland surrounding the Sokopa Community.

During the process, eyewitness said some of the inhabitants of the community, mainly Mano speakers, resisted the survey and asked the claimants to present their tribal certificates before carrying out the survey. This created chaos that led NEC poll workers to abandon their post, and school and other public places to close down.

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