Snack Producer Gives Kids A Taste of the Season


Over the Christmas holiday, hundreds of children living in the Saint Paul Bridge, Island Clinic and surrounding communities received treats from Rassa Liberia Incorporated (Rassa, Inc.), manufacturers of ‘O!’ chips and snacks.

Hundreds of children lined up in front of the company which sent a call out to children who wished to taste its newly released snack foods. Opening dozens of boxes of snacks as children stepped forward, each for their own, Rassa, Inc. says “this is not a marketing strategy; we’re doing it for the kids in the community and for the people outside of the communities. We love kids here and want them to try it if they are not opportune to try it.  We also love to be the ones to give these snacks to them.”

Sach Ramchandani, director and proprietor of Rassa, Inc., says the response to his food snack products since its release into the market over three weeks ago has been overwhelming.

“Our critics are even too kind, and it’s been wonderful so far. Because of this we decided to spend the joy of Christmas with the children here.  We’re giving them free chips and hopefully they can share that with their families when they go home. We’re providing this as a company and believe in the joy of giving; we believe in charity. We are living in Liberian and believe what comes from Liberia should go back into Liberia,” he said in an interview with the Daily Observer.

Also, children, some wearing no shoes at all, stood in line for the snacks what many of them described as their favorite ‘American food’ because of its fresh and standard quality.

“My mother usually buys it for herself and I’ve tasted it twice before. It’s so sweet and if I eat one pack and drink water, it can fill my stomach” stated Josiah, whose mother also asked for a bag to take home.

According to Ramchandani, each child received a bag of chips, even though some of them brought along their relatives.

“We’re targeting mostly children [for this party] because the adults are capacitated to go around and empower themselves to buy their own chips. We also gave away information leaflets about Ebola and how to keep people safe from it,” he said in an inerview.

Meanwhile, O! chips has been making name for its freshness while Rassa, Inc. has been recognized as a charitable company; giving away chips at random.

“Our local products that we’re using are cassava, plantain and nuts. They match any other global product around the world. Been working on it for four years though it wasn’t easy, but the struggle was worth it. We’re stocked at most places that sell food. If there’s a place or institution you'd like us to donate to, please let us know so we can review it and have it in our sites for the next drive,” says Ramchandani.


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