SMART Liberia ‘Committed to Developing Young Leaders and Entrepreneurs’

SMART-Liberia trained 12 young entrepreneurs and leaders.

Says Marvin Trawally, CEO

The Chief Executive Officer of SMART-Liberia Marvin Trawally says his organization remains committed to developing young leaders and entrepreneurs in the country.

SMART-Liberia is an organization and a social venture that is equipping promising young Liberians with the skills and opportunities to create social change and lead meaningful lives in their communities and beyond.

Trawallly made the statement last week when his organization bade farewell to 12 young leaders and entrepreneurs trained by the organization for a year.

According to Mr. Trawally, SMART-Liberia believes that Liberia’s future depends on a generation of young leaders who are well educated, passionate, entrepreneurial and values-driven; therefore his organization exists to empower young Liberians become leaders and entrepreneurs.

“Good leaders make decisions for the greater good of all of us, and not just themselves, while entrepreneurs create jobs to fuel our economy and solve our shared problems,” he said.

“As a country, we have extraordinary problems that require an extraordinary leadership to tackle. The problems of failed education, food insecurity, human trafficking, youth unemployment, drug abuse, and extreme poverty, are all so vast that we cannot afford ordinary leadership. Far too many lives depend on the actions and decisions of leaders and entrepreneurs,” Trawally said.

He said that Liberia needs leaders, who understand the magnitude of their responsibilities and who will lead with integrity and faith. He said if an individual is blessed in life, he or she has a responsibility to pay that forward to someone who needs it, which is what SMART-Liberia is about.

“This is all we are about at SMART-Liberia, creating the space for those young people who have the courage to lead, to develop into the leaders and entrepreneurs that they envision,” Trawally said.


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