Six Clinics in Bong Begin Receiving Medical Equipment Today

Cartons of medical equipment to be delivered by Kwetekeh of the USA.

Amid the Coronavirus outbreak in the world including Liberia, the Bong Kwatekeh Association of Minnesota, United States of America (USA), is expected to deliver several assorted medical equipment to six clinics in Fuamah, Sanoyea and Salala districts in Bong County this weekend.

The medical equipment, which include surgical gowns, gloves, masks, disposable syringes, etc. is a kind gesture of some citizens of Bong County who are currently residing in Minnesota.

In an interview with the Daily Observer earlier this week, Kwatekeh Association Vice President, Jefferson J. Dennis, said members of “Kwatekeh” (which means in the Kpelle language “working together”) have deemed it necessary to identify with citizens in Bong in the areas of health, education, and agriculture.

Dennis named the clinics that are to receive the medical supplies as Haindii, Salala, Totota, Sanoyea, Gbotota and Dekeh. He said his organization intends to help build the capacity of the health care delivery system in Bong County.

Dennis added that there are plans to deliver training for health practitioners in the county in the future.

“Our organization was established with the goal to assist in improving the living conditions of our brothers and sisters in the various districts,” he said.

“It is our plan to expand our assistance to clinics in other parts of the county in the near future. We want to help the government improve the lives of the citizens in many ways,” he added.

Meanwhile, the Kwatekeh Vice President has disclosed that on Thursday, March 26, 2020 he met with Dr. Wilhelmina Jallah, Minister of Health to inform her about his mission in the country and plan to deliver the medical equipment to the clinics in question.

“I’m glad that I have the blessing of the minister of health to travel to the county and deliver the equipment,” he said.


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