Sirleaf Evades Questions about Her Link to Taylor

Nigeria's former President, Olusegun Obasanjo (center) says America pressured former President of Liberia, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf (left), to request the extradition of exiled Liberian President Charles Taylor (right).

-Aborts Interview with eNCA

As an African adage would go, “escaping from one’s own shadow is a difficult thing to do, and this recently manifested itself in the life of former President Ellen Johnson when she deliberately walked off the set of a South African online television interview after being pressed by the interviewer about her support of Charles Taylor.

Charles Taylor was Liberia’s President who was ousted by concerted efforts through war and later allowed asylum in Nigeria in 2003.

In the interview with the eNCA while attending programs marking 25 years of democracy in South Africa, former President Sirleaf flatly declined to answer questions about her direct link to Taylor who led the National Patriotic Front of Liberia (NPFL), Liberia’s biggest warring faction, during the civil war.  NPFL’s first shots were fired in 1989 and were sustained for 14 years.

When asked about her take on reasons  for the civil war that devastated the entire fabric of the country, Sirleaf said the war was necessary because slain President Samuel K. Doe and his supporters took control of the country’s wealth and denied people the basic right to participate in the decision making of the country.

“The war was fought because the poor got poorer and there were no opportunities for people to compete for leadership through political means. The elites were those who benefited from the country’s wealth and that led first of all to the coup d’état in 1980 before the coming into power of the very people Taylor and others fought to get out of office through the war,” she said.

She maintained that after the coup d’état, Liberians voted Taylor; they thought only he was best suited to usher in democracy, stabilize the country and rebuild what had been destroyed. However, according to her, conditions did not change in the country and that eventually the country had to go through  civil war.

Sirleaf said she regretted supporting Charles Taylor but declined to tell her interviewer why she regretted supporting her one time close associate.

“Oh yes, we have supported Charles Taylor and in fact he had a lot of support but I maintain that supporting him was a wrong decision,” she answered.

But when pressed for answers to questions of why she believed supporting Taylor was wrong, she said “because we think whatever was the motivation for him taking leadership was never achieved”.

Although her sole purpose of attending the interview was to discuss issues about democracy, mainly with South Africa, a country once divided along racial lines and celebrating a milestone of democratic governance, Sirleaf’s interviewer insisted on asking her more questions about her link to Charles Taylor when he was a rebel leader.

“You know one thing; we don’t want to politicize our society. I have enough of that in my life time. Charles Taylor is gone and we should let him be in peace. Our nation has peace, our nation wants to find new ways for unity and reconciliation so I don’t want to get involved with discussion on Taylor,” she warned the interviewer.

The interview took a sharp turn when he asked Madam Sirleaf if she owed Liberians an apology for supporting Taylor. She answered, “No.” Pressing further, he wanted to know why she did not think she needed to apologize to the Liberian people. This time, she answered sharply: “I said no.”

In a fit of frustration, Sirleaf abruptly ended the the interview, saying she felt “hijacked” by the interviewer since she did not go to his newsroom to be exclusively interviewed about her connection to former President Charles Taylor who is now serving a 50-year jail sentence in London.

Although the journalist apologized to her for repeatedly bombarding her with questions exclusively on her link to Taylor during the opening stage of the interview she refused to continue the interview, claiming that she felt hijacked and discomfited by his intrusive questioning and was therefore aborting the interview which she did rather abruptly.

“Have we come to this interview to talk the Liberian politics? You don’t define what I say. We are here to talk about democracy but, you want to talk about Liberian politics? Come to Liberia and I will give you full time to do it.

“In fact this interview has ended. You don’t hijack people this way. You called me here to talk about democracy but if you turn the interview into Liberian politics then I am out of here,” Sirleaf said as she disconnected the lapel microphone, emerged from her seat and walked away.

Apparently, her interviewer had sourced some of his questions from an interview he had earlier with former President of Nigeria, Olusegun Obasanjo, who had earlier agreed to an asylum request from Taylor as part of the Peace deal agreed in Accra in 2003.

In that interview, Obasanjo, who also attended the South African celebrations for democratic governance, said it was the United States government that pressured former President Sirleaf to request the extradition of Taylor.

“The U.S. broke their own assurance they gave to us all that for the sake of peace in Liberia all they wanted was for Taylor to leave. Nothing else was talked about concerning the extradition of the former president for trial on crimes of war or whatever,” he said.

Meanwhile, South Africa commemorated 25 years of democracy on Saturday, April 27, 2019. On that day 25 years ago in 1994, the country held its first non-racial democratic elections. The commemorative program brought together various groups and organizations from around the country. April 27 in South Africa is now celebrated each year as “Freedom Day” to mark beginning of the country’s long and painful road to democracy.


  1. The Mother of all REBELS, Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf ran away from the reality that her choice to support Charles Taylor is the reason Liberia is greatly destroyed today. Imagine this old witch wants to run from her shadow. They all will be haunted for the bloodshed meted on the innocent Liberian people for 13 years. She even masterminded the death of Thomas Sankara of Burkina Faso, how desperate and dangerous was that sorceress in her blood thirsty quest for power. After supporting the rebel incursion that claimed the lives of over half of the population and massive destruction of properties, as her so-called crusade against corruption, she led the most corrupt administration in the political history of the country. WICKED OLD SORCERESS.

  2. Wow! Madam Sirleaf and others planned the 14 years civil war outside of Liberia. Now she cannot talk about it outside of Liberia. Interesting! Madam Sirleaf of all people, I expected better. That’s part of the problem in our country. The the crafters of the chaos are yet to own up to what they did and apologize for their actions.

  3. Where were you guys when Samuel Doe was butchering people like animals in this country? I guess you were little boys or part of Doe’s government. The war was necessary, if not don’t cry for Taylor to come. Many of you love Taylor for the war but blame Ma Sirleaf for the war who was not rebel leader or fighter. What a paradoxical country.

    • I am not a Krahn by tribe, but a Bassa man by tribe. I did not work in the Doe government because I was too young to work but I was old enough to remember what happened during the Doe years. Doe might have done some things wrong due to ill advice but he was not a butcherer. Doe did not go on a killing spree to target the Gios and Manos of Nimba. Do you remember the Quionwonkpa coup in 1985, sponsored by EJS and some of her henchmen?

      Do you remember what happened in Nimba (Yekepa) when that coup happened? A lot of Krahn people were killed or went missing in Nimba during the coup. Even the Chief of PPF for LAMCO at the time life was put in danger. When things turned around, the Krahn decided to retaliate against the Gios and Manos. There were a lot of coup attempts against Doe……do you think Doe would have just sat there and welcome people to kill him or his clan people? Doe did what he did to protect himself and his tribal people. I am not saying what he did was right but the people of Nimba should be blamed too for what happened in Liberia from 1985. Quonwonkpa had no reason to make an attempt on Doe’s life, but he was misled by EJS, the mother of all evils in Liberia. And in doing so, put his tribes people in danger.

      I know a lot of Nimbaians who would say that the war was not necessary. It was the same wicked and greedy EJS who convinced Charles Taylor and some of her other henchmen to use the people of Nimba to wage war on the Liberian population, and in doing so, some of our brothers and sisters from Nimba county killed a lot of innocent Liberians because they were deceived.

      The war was not necessary. Killing over 250,000 Liberians just to gain power was wrong? Destroying properties that made Liberia look like a big village today was not necessary? Were you one of the fighters during the war that enjoyed the loots of the war or the killing spree that came with the war, hence your support for EJS? That damn woman should be behind bars with Taylor, along with PYJ and the other key players during the war. It was a senseless war.

      • I was there and until today, i cannot stand anybody associated with Doe. I will have to go to jail first before my Mother because I was there throughout until I absconded in May 1990. I was with Citibank, N.A. then in Monrovia. I later worked with Citibank in London. For the last 20 years, I have worked in private business and although I stayed away from Liberia during the Taylor time, I abhor Mr. Doe and his Jenkins Scott up until today!

        • You and your mother belong in jail for aiding and abetting Charles Taylor to kill more than 250,000 citizens including Americans in Liberia in her desperate quest for power to enrich herself and her children.

          She masterminded the killing of others for fame. Thus devil belongs in HELL. , NOT IN LIBERIA.Ellen presence in Liberia is a CURSE TO THE LAND AND PEOPLE. SEND THE REAL DEVIL BACK TO HELL

          • So I belong in jail huh? See the failed (c) mentality that still carries on in Liberia 30 years hence. Yes. It is you true devils that will feel his wrath! You don’t have to wait very long….. it’s happening already isn’t it? Failure and complicities that lead to more and more failure and shutdowns and destruction. Typical! Fortunately, the ordinary citizen don’t hide behind doors being the nameless throwing insults. They identify their true selves.

        • Well, no one can stand anybody associated with your greedy, wicked, murderous and corrupt mother. Perhaps, it is time to put your mother behind bars, where she rightfully belongs for masterminding the killing of over 250,000 Liberians just to make her clan rich, or just to be President. Doe did not kill 250,000 Liberians.

          It was your mother who masterminded to have our people killed. She has been a torn in the Liberian people flesh from the day she was born, all for greed. She made sure she undermined Tolbert and took him to an early grave. So you can defend her all you want, the fact remains that her hands are stained with the blood of our people, and they would haunt her till she leaves this earth.

          You do not bring war to a country just because of one man. Just because you want to get rid of a sitting president. We all know he was not a saint, but over 250,000 people didn’t have to die in the process for your mom to accomplish her dreams of corruption at the presidency. She made sure everyone who challenged or would challenge her got killed by Taylor. Oh yes, she was the one giving the command to kill her opponents. Jackson Fiah Doe, Kerkula Kpoto and the list goes on. Perhaps you would rot in jail or hell with your mom for being a denier.

  4. Indeed! Where were they? Did you see or know how many Liberians died at the hands of S.K.Doe and his Krahn hegemony? you people were not born to experience what we went through under the regime of Samuel K.Doe; Kenneth Y.Best knows it well, the Late Charles Gbenyon family experienced it well, Students of the University of Liberia at the time have tales to tell their children( that is why I have told my son not to engage in student politics on that campus) and Grand children!Thomas Weh-Seyn (SK.Doe, Co-chairman) and other members of the People Redemption Council Government knows it too well.
    So when I hear people putting the whole blamed on EJS, I often wondered, whether they are conversant of Liberia’s Political history that lead to the civil crises? At that time EJS, Jackson Fiah Doe, William Gabriel Kpolleh and others were our heroes! But detractors will always distort history for their own glory, example by Blaming EJS for everything that went wrong with the struggles for democracy in Liberia.
    I am not saying she is perfect person, but a woman of great courage, that I will say of her, I am not waiting for her to die, before I say that, I am saying it now! Those who were not born then should read and asked their elders probing questions to piece our political history together, and stop blaming one person for fault of our past, that distortion got us where we are now, still searching for a better leader.

    • I am not a Krahn by tribe, but a Bassa man by tribe. I did not work in the Doe government because I was too young to work but I was old enough to remember what happened during the Doe years. Doe might have done some things wrong due to ill advice but he was not a butcherer. Doe did not go on a killing spree to target the Gios and Manos of Nimba. Do you remember the Quionwonkpa coup in 1985, sponsored by EJS and some of her henchmen?

      Do you remember what happened in Nimba (Yekepa) when that coup happened? A lot of Krahn people were killed or went missing in Nimba during the coup. Even the Chief of PPF for LAMCO at the time life was put in danger. When things turned around, the Krahn decided to retaliate against the Gios and Manos. There were a lot of coup attempts against Doe……do you think Doe would have just sat there and welcome people to kill him or his clan people? Doe did what he did to protect himself and his tribal people. I am not saying what he did was right but the people of Nimba should be blamed too for what happened in Liberia from 1985. Quonwonkpa had no reason to make an attempt on Doe’s life, but he was misled by EJS, the mother of all evils in Liberia. And in doing so, put his tribes people in danger.

      I know a lot of Nimbaians who would say that the war was not necessary. It was the same wicked and greedy EJS who convinced Charles Taylor and some of her other henchmen to use the people of Nimba to wage war on the Liberian population, and in doing so, some of our brothers and sisters from Nimba county killed a lot of innocent Liberians because they were deceived.

      The war was not necessary. Killing over 250,000 Liberians just to gain power was wrong? Destroying properties that made Liberia look like a big village today was not necessary? Were you one of the fighters during the war that enjoyed the loots of the war or the killing spree that came with the war, hence your support for EJS? That damn woman should be behind bars with Taylor, along with PYJ and the other key players during the war. It was a senseless war, and EJS is the reason for the current dire situation that Liberia and Liberians find themselves in today.

        • 20 years in private business where? Even if you had 20 years in the private sector, that doesn’t mean you know better than Liberians. Oh I guess you know and knew better to connive with your mother to kill over 250,000 Liberians just for your wicked mother to be president and bankrupt our economy. I have spent a combined 17 years in the public and private sector. Does that give me the right to come to Liberia and connive with my friends and family to kill innocent Liberians? Nope.

          Your defense of wicked EJS, her killing machines, her henchmen, her corruption, greed, deceit, masterminding and conniving with war lords to kill over 250,000 Liberians and make Liberia look like a big village is very lame my friend. Go find somewhere and hide yourself. Your mother EJS would be remembered as the woman who killed our people just to achieve her selfish aims.

  5. Beh Maweah–Gehi and gbada Flomo, what sense does it make to oppose Samuel Doe for tyrannic leadership and then see EJS and Charles Taylor as heroes, what an irony. What is the difference between Samuel Doe and Charles Taylor. Let me be clear that mentioning about the evil that EJS and Charles Rebel Taylor meted out against the Liberian people in now way justify your non-empirical factor that I support Samuel Doe or any other tyrant. Samuel Doe was a bloody dictator who ruled with the sword, nevertheless he died by the sword. Lets look at the historicity of the events between the people of Nimba and Grand Gedeh counties that was used by EJS to perpetuate her quest for power. Samuel Doe asked General Thomas Quiwonkpa to relinquish his position as Commanding General and move to the Executive Mansion and serve as Secretary General for the PRC, which Gen. Quiwonkpa refused perceiving to call to be one of demotion. He refused the position and Doe saw it as a gross disrespect. Gen. Quiwonpka after falling out with Doe left the country, he never planned any coup. Some rogue soldiers and civilians from Nimba county, Gen. Robert Saye and Mr. Samuel Dokie led a raid in Nimba county killing other innocent Krahn people who had nothing to do with the issue between Doe and Quiwonpka. They even went into the home of the then PPF Boss Charles Julue, shot and killed his son and wounded his nephew. WHERE WERE YOU TWO WHEN THAT HAPPENED ALSO? Gen. Quiwonkpa did not even tell them to stage any coup but they decided to rob few banks and other companies operating in Nimba, purchase guns and overthrow Doe, though Quiwonkpa did not tell them to do such thing and he had already left the country. Quiwonpka was living quietly in the US when EJS, Boima Fahnbulleh and other rebels convince him to stage a coup against Doe. By this time there were no conflict between the people of Nimba and Grand Gedeh counties. Gen. Quiwonkpa staged the coup and it was aborted. During the coup, innocent folks from the Krah tribe became victims of misplaced aggression and were killed. The home of Charles Julue was raided again, for the second time. WHERE WERE BOTH OF YOU GUYS ALSO? Folks come shooting their way across the borders and come into the capital, firing PRG at the executive mansion during the early morning hours of a quiet day, WHAT WOULD YOU HAVE DONE IF YOU WERE THE PRESIDENT OF LIBERIA?, Would you have proposed to take them for ICE CREAM to the Sophe’s ICE CREAM SHOP, hell no. You would have employed everything possible to protect the nation. After that unfortunate incident, EJS, not giving up, but coming up with a more vicious plan, called Charles Taylor in to launch the most vicious assault on the innocent people of Liberia. Now let me ask both of you, do you think that the innocent people killed deserved death, they were not Doe’s relatives but Liberian who had nothing to do with whatever political rivalry between Doe and EJS. Charles Taylor claimed to be a liberator but ended up killing the very people he proclaimed to be liberating, so then how necessary was the war? EJS and Charles Taylor even overthrew Thomas Sankara because he opposed to the level of change that EJS formulated. You are asking who was not a rebel? I was never a rebel and can never be a rebel. If you were a rebel, then come up with your claim, don’t pose your attitude of being a rebel on others who had better understanding and discernment to avoid a power struggle under the guise of liberation. Charles Taylor also extended the war in Sierra Leone, was that also necessary? Some of you who after seeing the massive destruction of Liberia, still muster the conviction that the war was necessary, you need to be proper rehabilitated. LASTLY, IT MAKES ABSOLUTELY NO SENSE TO PERCEIVE TAYLOR AND EJS AS HEROES AND DOE AS TYRANT BECAUSE ALL OF THEM ARE BLOOD THIRSTY CRIMINALS AND MURDERERS. IF YOU TOOK PART IN THE WAR AND STILL THINK IT IS JUSTIFIABLE, YOU NEED DELIVERANCE. YOU NEED TO BREAK THAT MURDEROUS CURSE FROM YOU OR IT WILL SPREAD TO YOUR GENERATION.

    • Bobby Dandrage, thanks very much for laying out the turn of events as they happened in Liberia from 1980 to the war in 1989. I am sure Beh Maweah–Gehi and Gbada Flomo would learn a thing or two from the history lessons you laid out here. Indeed, they need to be rehabilitated to become part of our society again. LOL

  6. Ellen presence in Liberia is a CURSE TO THE LAND AND PEOPLE. SEND THE REAL DEVIL BACK TO HELL. JUSTICE must prevail in Liberia for peace sake. This demonic and heartless woman and her boy friend Charles Taylor must answer for the senseless war in Liberia.

    President Weah must not protect Ellen and her war cronies. War Crimes Court for Liberia

    • The knowing World protects her. I am on her side and am a witness to the unfolding events from the jail cell from which I saw and experienced “zero hour” and the massive extermination of citizens from Nimba County. It started with the Non-Commissioned Officers (NCO;s) at BTC and continued in cells underneath the Executive Mansion in 1985. Where were you my friend?

      Thank God most of my witnesses that can attest to these truths are still alive. And yes, one of Doe former soldiers who is fully aware and who is also a General is in my employ currently and knows the whole story as it relates to me and many others.

      Fortunately, I believe in a court of law and most certainly await that day for a trial in which I can implicate and then sue the GOL for past crimes and injustice.

      Yes. I will never forget. Yes, I am waiting to take action!

      I am her vindication as I was there with her through it all. My transfer to Citibank London was done by foreign institutions and governments who until today are in recognition of my story and my truth. No collusion and I am the living witness for Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf. Get away from me with your lies!

      In fact, I never had to apply for political asylum anywhere. I carried a Liberian passport and because of my job affiliation I even visited Moscow on assignment for Citibank London in 1994 on occasions.

      James Sirleaf

  7. Of course, all our wannabe Ciceros and Caesars are familiar with the George Santayana quote, “Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it”, but did they “learn” anything? I don’t think so. Because the same ethnic and elitist desperados that made Qwinwonkpa a pawn for destabilization have found another dupe in Kekeh Kolubah.

    Thus, suddenly, an alleged murderous rebel who so terrorized Bong Mine communities (suffering from a form of Stockholm syndrome) that they would’ve declared him President has ironically become the darling of media outlets and human rights activists advocating for war crime court.
    Liberia seems to be a laboratory for the clinical study of the causes of dementia!

    EJS was right to feel ambushed; let’s concentrate on the chaos being zealously courted. And if nobody has any evidence of her complicity in the plot to “Sudanize” Liberia (under pretext of June 7 protests, create several days of chaos for the army to take over and turn over to an Interim Administration) advanced by propagandists in the media and on social network platforms, leave her alone. To be forewarned is to be forearmed!

    • Only those who participated in the senseless killing of fellow compatriots will come to defend this heartless killer. A 🐕 is worth defending then this DEVIL called Ellen Johnson Sirleaf who is leeching on the suffering masses in Liberia. Rep. Yekeh Kolubah is one of her VICTIMS so don’t you dare digress from the subject under discussion. Ellen should had used James Sirleaf, Roberta Sirleaf and Charles Sirleaf to fight her war instead to using other people’s children to fight war in her desperate quest for power. Now she wants to hide behind Weah government to protect her and war cronies in Liberia. We want JUSTICE.

  8. Concerned Liberian, you said it all. Yekeh Kolubah and many others are the creation of Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf. The reason she felt ambushed and will always feel that way is that she cannot really come up with any justifiable reasons for plunging the country into chaos for over 14 years. She cannot fact the facts. The evil they did is now haunting them and they are running away from the shadowy part of their lives. It was justifiable to send other people’s children to war under the guise of liberation but she could not afford to have her sons join.

    Taylor likewise advised all his children to stay away from his rebel army and affiliations, even his son Chucky confessed that while in prison. He confirmed that his father told him to stay far away from the NPFL but he refused, and now while serving in prison for lifetime, he realized what his father told him was right.

    Concerned Liberian, do you see how dangerous are these people (EJS and Taylor)? Because of EJS and Taylor, we now have high class criminals and rebels occupying positions of trust in the executive and legislative branches of the government.

    Concerned Liberian, I can tell you for sure, these people’s generations, will be cursed, if not broken by deliverance.

    Concerned Liberian, can you imagine some of those folks that partook in those vicious and tyrannic governments were showing pleasant countenance in the midst of mass murders going on. It did not matter to them as long as they were getting paid, occupying high position on the blood of the innocent people. Can you imagine this shameless, vindictive sorceress called Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, arguing with a journalist to stick to the script to discuss democracy after supporting all rebel activities in Liberia. WOW, HOW SAD. A supreme rebel leader wants to discuss democracy. Probably she thinks that the Quiwonkpa invasion in 1985 was a form of democracy or the bloody rebel incursion from December 1989 was a peak of her perception of democracy. Unfortunately, for the past 39 years Liberia has been ruled by a pack of werewolves. Thank God that the cross of Jesus is still being held high until every foe of Liberia is vanquished.

    • Shameless and the ungrateful Liberians will continue to feel God’s justice. I have no regrets and believe me I am strong and you can never in your lifetime overcome me as true justice will prevail each time and Satan’s angels time is quickening.

  9. It isn’t digression in a conversation about consequences of civil war to mention ongoing efforts to stoke another; don’t start that silliness of silencing my take. By the way, hiding behind different aliases doesn’t entitle you to act the fool.

  10. From the Archive:
    BBC Focus On Africa, Wednesday June 6, 1990.

    Robin White: will you tell Mr. Taylor to hold assault on Monrovia, giving the level of damage and fatalities that it will be if the NPFL attack the Fortified Executive Mansion of President Samuel Doe?

    Madam Sirlef: Well, if Mr. Doe refused to get out, Taylor and the NPFL must certainly level (destroy) the Executive Mansion. We have the resources to rebuilt it in 6 or 7 months.
    This interview speaks volumes.

    For me, I rather be known in life as a honest sinner to the Liberian people, than a lying HYPOCRITE

  11. Sylvester Gbayahforh Moses, no one is speaking silliness here. I’m not silencing any take from you unless you seem to be guilty from what I mentioned about Liberia being ruled in the past by a pack of werewolves. Is that not true? Consider the raid on the campus of the university of Liberia, the massive killing, shooting, stabbing and raping defenseless students. How is that different form attacks by werewolves. Consider the shooting and hacking down of over 500 displaced people at the St. Peter’s Lutheran Church compound, how was that different for being attacked by a pack of werewolves. I even heard that your boss led the attack. I believed by that time you have fled the country and left us there to face the wrath of Samuel Doe and Charles Taylor, greatly supported by Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf.

    Look, Sylvester Gbayahforh Moses, you lack every iota of moral conception to come on this platform and judge me after you have served as Head of the National Security Agency, being part of the sycophantic people to mislead Doe and when things fueled out of hand, escaped the country, leaving innocent people vulnerable.

    What I said in my previous post will never make sense to you because you faithfully served a vicious tyrannical boss, Samuel Doe. People will always reflect on what occurred in Liberia, especially when similar situation that led to the conflict keep recurring. Whether you agree or disagree, the fact remains that Liberia was ruled by a pack of werewolves. The blood of the innocent people are haunting them till this day. I can tell you for sure, I live a successful life in Liberia, working for a private corporation and earned honest money, so that confirms that the availability existed for folks to work well and live well and not by orchestrating the deaths of innocent people just to drive a good car or occupy position of trust.

    Why was Liberia rated as a barbaric nation, if not for the level of carnage that befell the nation.

    Do you think that people would kill innocent people in such manner and me forgotten? You need to ask the American Cable channel providers why they still carry footage on World War II, President JFK Assassination, etc.

    Liberia will always remember the worst leaders in history, Samuel Killer Doe, Charles the Rebel Taylor and Ellen Mother of All Rebels Johnson-Sirleaf.

  12. Take it or leave it, I lived here all along experiencing it all along, EJS is our heroine, you like or not! The ANC in South Africa was referred to as a terrorist organization by the western power, but Africans referred to the ANC as a Liberation organization. Hence, EJS and Prince Johnson can be referred as Rebels, blood suckers,etc, they are our heroes along with lots of others who fought for democracy in Liberia! That is why she asked Varney Sherman in 2005, what was his contribution in the struggle for Democracy? That question goes to all of you, who are calling for blood of EJS and PYJ, that you have long to call for their blood, like Ronald Reagan and Margret Thatcher, was calling for the prosecution of man like Mandela and the ANC, that nightmare of yours will not come to pass.

  13. Mr. Gbada Flomo,
    The ANC was fighting for Black African Independence and Nationlism…..not until now, they (the ANC under Mbeke, Zuma and Ramaphosa) are now COZY with the Guptas, Openhamers and the Mines. Things are rather not what it really is with the ANC of today.

    Unlike EJS who was embed with the West to loose terror on her own people, nothing could certify her quest, but state power. She got it over the corpses of over 500,000 of her own country men. Sirleaf plays a significant roles in the making of Taylor, Quiwonkpa, Doe etc…no clean hands here. As Taylor is sitting behind bars in Britain, Sirleaf is roaming free. The bias of the West in persecuting wrong doer( cherry picking). You may want to tell that to a person who cannot read, but not the Liberian people.

  14. gbada Flomo, it seems your miniature comprehension of the ANC to a point where you make comparison to the NPFL behooves me to conclude you’ve been a victim of historical fallacy. The ANC was fighting for freedom, human rights and social justice again a fundamentally racist regime. The ANC was not killing the people but rather fighting for them. On the other hand, the NPFL first entry into Liberia was bloodshed, killing the AFL along with many innocent Nimba citizens. Prince Johnson claimed to be targeting Samuel Doe who was very far in Monrovia, but he decided to start killing many innocent civilians, beginning with his own brothers and sister of Nimba county, and then continue killing along the way as he move onto Monrovia. The NPFL killed over 250,000 innocent people whom they claimed to be liberating. I really don’t see how can one shoot and kill and innocent person and then claim to be liberating the same person. It so downright stupid to call the NPFL a freedom group. The NPFL just used innocent people, many of whom came from Nimba county to perpetuate Charles and Ellen’s blood thirsty quest for power.

    It’s a shame that you will compare the NPFL with ANC. Tell me, how many leaders of the ANC have been accused of human rights abuse and are there any one of them behind bars today? NO. But many of the leaders of the NPFL are languishing behind bars today for crime against humanity, can you imagine the charge. So tell me gbada Flomo, what makes Charles Taylor a hero having been incarcerated today for “CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY”?

    Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf also should have been there but because the Western Powers are bias, that’s why she is not behind bars today, but the blood of the innocent people are haunting her, no matter she cannot come to term with the reality that she employed Taylor to murder innocent people, she escaped from an interview.

    gbada Flomo, know that I’m not trying to convince you on anything nor am I agree or disagreeing, but just laying out the facts. We know for sure that Liberia is still fragile in that every werewolf that preyed on the blood of the innocent Liberians still have fans who supported their vicious acts. That’s why we rest on the Lord to intervene and break the curse, ancestral blood letting curse from the nation.

  15. gbada Flomo, I realize that you want to push the misconception that the rebel incursion into Liberia was about liberating Gios and Manos from Krahns and Sarpos, however that assumption is sheer lie. Taylor and Ellen misled you all to bear that perception so as to easily manipulate you and many innocent Liberians to go against one another in brutal blood bath, all for the purpose of pushing their quest for power.

    Lets be specific here, on December 29, 1989, Nimba county was peaceful as folks, mostly Nimba citizens were getting ready for the Christmas celebration. Prince Johnson entered Liberia without any arms and ammunition. He led his men into the home of the AFL commander, butchered him and then dressed in AFL uniforms and fully armed themselves. By this time Nimba was still peaceful. The AFL soldiers had gone into the town of Butuo to look for food and get ready for the Christmas celebrations. The town was crowded owing to the big activities pending for the next day. Prince Johnson, the so-called liberator, being a trained soldier, could have created a diversion to engage AFL in the bushes to avoid civilians (mostly Nimbians) casualties, but instead he decided to engage AFL in the crowded town. He confessed that during his TRC hearing, you need to revisit that audio recording. The the attack by the INPFL on the AFL resulted into the deaths of many innocent people, mostly sons and daughters of Nimba county. These are the kind of people you call heroes today?

    Let me take you further. Prince Johnson entered Liberia under the banner INPFL, a breakaway fashion from the larger group NPFL. The both rebel groups comprised a demography of rebel soldiers vastly from the Gio and Mano tribes. These both fashion engaged one another while at the same time engaging the AFL. So, when the INPFL engaged the NPFL into deadly blood battles, it was innocent sons and daughters from Nimba county that were killing one another. The vast majority (250,000) of the innocent sons and daughters of Liberia were killed mostly by the INPFL and the NPFL. AFL also did their part in the killing as well, having limited the national army to the killing machinery of Samuel Doe.

    NPFL also extended into Sierra Leone, killing and maiming the limbs of the innocent people of that country. If you cannot realize that the bloodbath was not about Samuel Doe, then your level of blind loyalty is pathetic. Samuel Doe died in September 1990, still the NPFL killing continued, it even extended into Sierra Leone in 1991, so how can you blindly claim that it was only about him.

    Samuel Doe died since September 1990 and the NPFL waged the war continuously till 2003 and you’re still mentioning that the issue was all about Doe. It was a power struggle where Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf contracted Charles Taylor to use the sons and daughters of aboriginal Liberians to destroy one another in bloody battles for Charles and Ellen to ascend to the leadership.

  16. James Sirleaf, if it was all about Samuel Doe, then why did the war extend into Sierra Leone? How did an innocent country like Sierra Leone get caught up in the midst of the NPFL onslaught?

    Your mother is a criminal, vicious sorceress, she even masterminded the overthrow of Thomas Sankara which indicates how desperate she was in getting to power she did not deserve.

    Three countries fell victims to your mother Ellen’s evil conquest; Burkina Faso, Liberia and Sierra Leone. After blood letting for 14 years, she took power just to lead the most corrupt administration in the nation’s political history.

    George Weah may be acting dumb as hell now, but there will come a time when your mother and brothers will account for the economic and war crimes.

    • Did I say that I supported or offered any financial assistance to Taylor? I don’t have no ideas of how Taylor ran Liberia and was even never in Liberia when EJS ran against him in 1997. Albeit, is it even possible that I would have supported Taylor when my Mother was running against him for the Presidency? Make some since my friend. I have no knowledge of your other African countries and was never in the West Africa Region until 2005 having left my Job as a RVP for Citibank Emerging Markets based in London. I challenge you to prove me wrong and I will pay for the court charges to sue you and your compatriots to prove it. Dare ,me?

      I sincerely don’t have time for innuendo or appeasement as people who know me know that I am a very deadly serious person and individual.

      I am not going to comment at this time on the George Weah’s Government or Liberia of late.

      I have my beef with Samuel Kanyon Doe which I will keep until the end of my life. Don’t even try to change the subject, friend.

      I have told you what it is and my position. The outcomes we will all see and feel in good time! OK clear with you now? I do indeed hope so.

  17. “Blame the Past Government? Yeah…Right!
    You know what; here we go again with a proliferation of lies against the President. Some even presumed that President Barack Obama of pointed the finger at her as “one of Africa’s most corrupt leaders,” while others cannot simply accept the fact that you sow for hence you reap.
    When do we learn that to speak the truth is Godly while continually telling lies and falsehood have dreadful consequences for the ungodly!
    This past leader has made immense contributions to this Land and this Nation. She personally built up our national treasures in Democracy, Diplomacy and in Agricultural projects such as never seen before since the founding of the Liberia Republic.
    Yet, we take pleasure in chastising and criticizing her for only the good that she and her Government accomplished and the sacrifices they have made.
    Be it clear that Donor countries are not under any obligation to fund Liberian-government or Liberian-people projects. They provide the funding and money only when they can perceive that the projects are sound and that there is justifiably, good governance originating from prudent country leadership.
    I will make my position avidly clear as a bell, such as I have done in the past and I will assure you that those lost souls who bear false-witness against their neighbor shall feel God’s justice.
    As for what they believe will be a better day ahead, they need to stop dreaming and start praying for a future that will ensure that this nation does not slip again into the decadence that enveloped it, before the administration of President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf.
    I for one was running during the time of Doe and I don’t intend running away from anyone and anybody anymore. I will stand my ground! The churches should encourage Liberians to grow their own food and own their

    very own businesses. Focus on where your talents lie and work to achieve improvements to your person and self. Stop passing the buck! Blame no one else but yourself. There has to be less dependence upon Government and more focus upon “God, what can I do for myself?”
    As for me in this insensitive environment, I am glad that I never held a Government job or ever depended upon any Government for my daily bread. That is why I am so gratified of myself.
    The critics yet remain but however what improvements have been rendered to the greater Public by the “pontiffs,” scribes and critics who were around during the decades of decay of rule by previous leaders of this republic. What is good for Peter must also be what is good for Paul.
    Oh I see, now because the finances have flowed much better; we find more beef and more than a third and a still growing population from all around the country have now all immigrated to Monrovia and expect to live off the work and sweat of families and other working populations.
    How many take assignments to work with pride and diligence with Concessions and move back to rural areas? Who encourages these ones who still don’t realize that the money found in the city, can only come from the bush.
    This is a wakeup call because we have University students employed as bank managers who cannot write a fitting decent letter.
    Who do we blame for all that? Blame the past Government! Yeah right.
    This is a wakeup call because the fault is not that of the Government alone. The fault lies with the People. The Liberian people, the Liberian churches, the Liberian sports associations, the Liberian media, Liberian business people, Foreigners doing business in Liberia, etc., untenably, they are all very corrupt. I do have some evidence.

    The greater gravity nevertheless, of all of these problems, may be attributed to the war and trying times of the Doe,Taylor and Bryant past governments. This is when the true suffering began. People made millions while others fought their battles and wars. Children died and many women became victims of war.
    Unfortunately this suffering tide, may not have ended with Ellen’s government.
    What was the benefit of an education then, i.e. during the time of Taylor and Doe? I can’t tell you that. But I can tell you that now, a 12th grade education is worth only the same as a 6th grade education was back in 1968.
    My friends, you know what you need to do? You need get off (you know what) to make something happen for yourself in your own life. Expect assistance but don’t expect handouts.
    I will reiterate my previous views that the revelation of the Gospel is being revealed in this Country during these times.
    Our President has led her people well, through the Red Sea and over the desert away from Pharaoh’s forces.
    She has held God first and have continued to rely upon his judgement and his goodness for our and the Country’s salvation.
    Albeit and however, you still find the many detractors, whom we all know and who are desperately trying to succeed. I should not call names but you and I know them well.
    They make comments and criticism, but have no solutions to offer. They claim that they represent and speak the language of the people, when they are in fact evil men and women casting a shadow of a doubt over all that are fair and right.
    Beware of Satan’s angels my friends, because the last days are already here.
    • We will continue to stand our ground and fight against Satan and his forces of evil.
    • We will continue to hold hands in faith and kneel together in the time of pestilence and strife forever asking our God for strength and his forgiveness of our sins.

    • We will castrate the thoughts of those who preach and condone evil over and around us and our families.

    • We will stand firm and protect our true leaders at all costs.
    The Devil and his henchmen and henchwomen shall never succeed as we stand in servitude under the mantel of the Lord of Hosts.
    • The Lord of Hosts shall strike them down and make them pay for their wickedness, evil and deception.
    • The Lord of Hosts shall provide us with his Chariot that will ride through the darkest channels of hopelessness and into the Glory of the Lord, our Father.
    • The rally and the might of the Lord and the most high remain unchallenged. The faith and beliefs of the faithful are best made by choice and not through persuasion.

    Mr. James E. Sirleaf – Farm Owner & Private Businessman: A Former Banker with formidable years of business banking experience RVP Emerging Markets at Citibank London, Div Head for Corporate and Institutional Bank, United Bank for Africa (UBA) Liberia, General Manager Corporate and Institutional Banking at FI Bank in Monrovia. Mr. Sirleaf served as a participant and speaker at the very first World Forum for Democracy in Strasbourg, France in 2012. James is a highly experienced finance expert and non-Governmental strategist.

  18. James Sirleaf, I along with many other Liberians do not know you nor do we know what beef you had with Samuel Doe, which is not really our problem. I never mentioned you as a player in the war because your name was never mentioned; check all the posts, no one mentioned you. We talked about your evil mother refusing to own up to the fact that she founded the NPFL and brokered Charles Taylor’s extrication from prison to execute the bloodbath to propel her in power, and fast-forward to present day, she does not want to be aligned with Taylor. That was the point we were advancing when you came in defense of your evil mother.

    Your personal beef with Samuel Doe has no substance with what’s being discussed here, unless you want to confirm that the murder of over 250,000 innocent Liberians because of one man, justified you way of getting even with Doe. What a misfortune.

    I find it strange that you want to purvey me as a liar when you have not been following the activities in Liberia. At the end of the first year under the Ellen led government, Mr. John Morlue, Auditor General for the General Accounting Commission, while conducting audits of the government, declared in bold letters that “THE ELLEN LED GOVERNMENT WAS THREE (3) TIMES MORE CORRUPT THAN THE GOVERNMENT OF JUYDE BRYANT. You wicked mother began to pick fights with Auditor General Morlue because he exposed her government. IT THAT A LIE? YOUR CAN PROVE ME WRONG BY ASKING YOUR MOTHER.

    It’s really funny that you averred that your mother launched the most successful agriculture initiative ever in the history of Liberia. Tell me James Sirleaf, what did Liberia export in agricultural produce? The balance of payment under your mother’s regime remained in deficit. During the regime of Samuel Kanyon Doe, there were numerous agriculture cooperatives that provided food not only in rural Liberia but to neighboring Sierra Leone and Guinea. The Liberia Produce Marketing Company (LPMC), bought and processed coffee and cocoa from Liberian farmers cooperatives operating on large and small scales while at the same getting vast production from government owned farms. The other subsidiaries that supplied the LPMC were the counties agriculture development projects like Lofa County Agricultural Development Project (LCADP), BCADP from Bong county, NCADP from Nimba county. The produced rice as well that was being sold to Sierra Leone and Guinea. The BCADP rice was also supplied to the Cuttington University, I even ate some myself when I visited Cunnington University though I graduated from the University of Liberia. Mr. James Sirleaf, I CHALLENGE YOU TO PROVE ME WRONG, MY CHARACTER ON THE LINE.

    Now when your mother brought her vicious rebel incursion into Liberia, all these vital agencies were destroyed. During her regime, did she ever revitalize any of these agricultural cooperatives, POINT BLANK NO. The very government workers and farmers that served as the labor component to foster that factor of very vital production, were almost all murdered by Charles and Ellen’s rebels, so you can imagine the loss the country bore at the time.

    Also go to google and check out Transparency International, they also reported that Liberia was among the most corrupt countries in the world; that included corruption within and outside of government. That report came out during the leadership of your evil and corrupt mother.

    James Sirleaf, first confirm what I mentioned then we can go further. I’ll give you historical facts relative to the mortgaging of Liberia’s resources under the guise of signing concessional agreements. All done under your mother, hence the Liberian people are still suffering.

    If you’re serious about the land being delivered from Satan and his forces, then you need to take your mother for deliverance because her attitude not to accept her faults indicates that she has not genuinely repented. You have a herculean work to do there James, being the son of a sorceress.

  19. James Sirleaf, I was referring to the excerpt from your statement “in Agricultural projects such as never seen before since the founding of the Liberia Republic.” That’s how I mentioned about the agricultural sector of Liberia because I worked with the Ministry of Agriculture. Your statement is a big black lie about the agricultural sector so I wanted to lay out the facts.

    Mr. Sirleaf, we were living peacefully in Liberia, and just like you, working and anticipating great prosper ahead. WE NEVER ASKED YOUR MOTHER FOR LIBERATION. SHE IMPOSED TAYLOR ON US.

    Even in her path, the decent leader of Burnika Faso, Thomas Sankara was murdered in cold blood, orchestrated by you mother, because Sankara refused to use his country as a free passage way for rebels to leave Liberia and go for training in Libya and return from Libya to stage blood bath in Liberia. WE DID NOT ASK YOUR MOTHER FOR THIS.

    You cannot face the facts so now you’re stating no concern about agricultural cooperative I told you about. But that was just a miniature part of the destruction caused by your mother.

    I greatly agree that you need to back off this platform because you have no justifiable claim to defend your mother relative to the level of destruction she caused in the sub-region.


  20. I read these exchanges and worry…about the innocent Liberian children…born in a culture of repetitive greed and insanity. I however remember…That GOD is always on the throne.

    Pray for our beloved Liberia! Pray fervently for the country that holds an irreplaceable place in our hearts. Pray…

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