Sinoe Women Benefit from Oxfam Liberia’s Livelihood Program

Rural Women receive cassava mill and bamboo furniture equipment from NRWP, in partnership with OXAFAM-Liberia.

By Tina S. Mehnpaine

A group of rural women under the banner of the Natural Resources Women Platform (NRWP) in Juarson Statutory District, Sinoe County, with support from OXfam-Liberia, has received a cassava processing mill, as well as bamboo art and craft equipment, to enhance their production capacity.

The equipment, donated on January 8, 2020, will be used by women of the district to produce bamboo furniture, as well as fufu and gari, among other things, to improve their incomes. The donation is also intended to promote the activities of rural women and youths in the county.

The dedication of the equipment was held in Karmo Town, following the completion of the project under the title: “Advocacy and Influencing for Social Economic Rights and Justice for Youths and Women,” which is being implemented by NRWP.

The Head of Secretariat of NRWP, Veronica B. Gray, admonished the group to make maximum use of the opportunity provided them to transform their living conditions.

Madam Gray further commended the NRWP for the fruitful implementation of the project and called on them  to use the equipment for the intended purpose.

“It is our hope that the equipment provided to you today will help transform your living conditions in the various communities,” she stated.

Anthony Thomas, Women Rights Officer fat Oxfam-Liberia, cautioned the group to work together for the successful implementation of the project, adding that NRWP should ensure the proper supervision of the equipment.

Easter Tuolee, Clan Chief of Karmo Town, lauded Oxfam-Liberia for their kind gesture.

She said that the equipment provided were the first of its kind in the district and, as such, they as residents will ensure ownership of the project.

“These equipment will further reduce the heavy burden encountered to process our products, said Doris Karloh, a beneficiary.

The NRWP is a non profit organization aimed at supporting the voices of rural women against the wrong usage of their communities’ resources, ensuring participatory decision making, while advocating for equal rights and ownership to natural resources and forest management to reduce the poor living conditions of rural citizens.


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